Friday, February 15, 2008

AI Addiction

The Hollywood final elimination round was tedious.

All contestants looked so tensed.

Watching them on TV, I was feeling nervous (for them) too.

I can’t get enough of American Idol!

I was sleepless but I slept late again yesterday to catch the replay. Although the top 24 list has been leaked online weeks ago, I pretended I didn’t know who made it and convinced myself the list was a hoax!

At least it’s confirmed, Ramiele Malubay is in and she's performing live on the AI stage next week. I have this feeling that all Filipinos (err, maybe not all) in the United States are already prepared to vote, so looks like our manok is assured of a Top 3 slot.

Based from her performance during the illumination rounds, I think she’s better than Jasmine Trias. She has that x-factor, great vocals... But she’s facing a really, really tough competition. We'll see…

Anyway, I definitely have no plans to watch the show’s NEW Philippine version. :P


arjay said...

yay! adik din ako sa AI. pati replay ay pinapanood ko pa rin, haha!

i agree, Ramiele has great vocals. her fate lies upon the mercy of all the Filipinos in the US though. there isn't really much we can do here but hope and pray. we could also campaign for her, lol!

Ely said...

arjay, for sure hindi siya papabayaan ng mga kababayan naten. Saka marami din siya fans na hindi Pinoy.