Monday, February 18, 2008

Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena

Sayang, I should have sent an entry. LOL. Anyway, here's my Number 1 pick for Reyna Elena's Social Climbing Logo Contest:

It's not my original choice, but I just thought it's the "complete package", so there you go, 5-stars from me!

This was my first choice. Paris Hilton as a social climbing icon is catchy! The colors used are kinda dull though, not fitted for the Reyna.

This one is so Imeldic!

Hmmm. I see United Nations.




reyna elena said...


Thanks for joining! You are way super cool! hehehe!

itot54joni said...

maraming salamt ely!malayo pa lalakbayin!

chuvaness said...

thank you for joining! kaw at ako lang ang naka appreciate kay paris wahahahaha

keep social climbing alive!

pusa said...

at dahil sa pagboto mo, me libre kang cellphone kay reynz!!! hahahaha

Ely said...

reyna elena, itots, ur welcome po!

chuvaness, i like Paris Hilton too...

pusa, san ang celfone?!?! Tara kunin na naten! hehe