• Ladies room?!

    Last night’s Earth Hour was a success. I thought I participated in a way. I was still asleep during the entire hour (8pm -9pm) so the lights were definitely off. Congratulations to all earthlings out there who joined!

    With no air-conditioning, I could hardly sleep. Hmmm, global warming..! I have no choice but to get out of my bed and run to the malls. That has become a daily practice.

    Yesterday, I got tired walking around so I decided to watch a movie instead. I must have been really in a hurry that when I entered, I forgot to check the signs. I saw a guy standing near the restroom door, so I thought that was the men’s room; I opened the door (widely open) and heard some shrieks from the ladies inside. Jeez, wrong door! That guy, now laughing, happened to be just waiting for his girl.

    It reminded me of a similar experience occurred about a year ago. I just got out of the office and ready to go home. I needed to take a leak, so I headed to the restroom right after logging off. To my surprise, there leaning towards the sink, brushing her teeth was a lady in pink and high heels. I didn’t know how I’d react. I believe I opened the right door. Uh, shame on her doing her thing in the men’s room! I was about to step back when in a husky voice, he shouted, “Tama!, Tamahh!” I thought I’d just leave, but I proceeded to one of the urinals anyway, I was trying not to laugh I could hardly pee.


    1. the donG said...

      one certified funny experience. it happened to me also.

    2. KRIS JASPER said...

      ha, ha... it comes in threes daw... may kasunod pa yan. lol.

    3. acey said...

      shame on me, i missed the earth hour =( will make up for it. hehe.

      and funny 1!

    4. Ely said...

      the dong, funny+nakakahiya. hehe

      kris jasper, 3x? lol, next time i'd be more careful.

      acey, that's OK, you can do it sometime to make up..

    5. kingdaddyrich said...

      graduation namin nong earth hour.

      inaantay ko nga patayun yung ilaw don eh kaso tuloy pa rin ang martsa!


      ang ganda ng karanasan mo! hahaha.. kaw kasi, nag mamalling mag 1.. mag aya ka naman para may kasama ka!!

    6. sn0w_princess said...

      hahaha! what an experience! natawa ako dun sa "girl" na nagtu-toothbrush sa men's CR. bading pala. syet. ingat ka sa mga ganyan. LOL.

    7. Dakilang Bayani said...

      heheh...katuwa naman na experience yun...

    8. Gabriel said...

      hi, sir hope you can drop by sa blog ko pakinggan mo yun song sa new entry ko at hope you comment sa song good or bad. thank you

    9. Abaniko said...

      A friend once entered a restroom and saw a man and a girl together in a cubicle.

      Oh well, ang mabait na tatay tinulungan lang ang 2-year old kid na magwewe. Hehe.

    10. Ely said...

      kingdaddyrich, hehe, eh di naging candle light na sana ung graduation niyo.

      Honney, baka kilala mo yun, yung friend ata un ni Duane from OD.

    11. Ely said...

      hi gabriel, thanks for visiting. wanna ex link?

      abaniko, ganun, ung tatay pumasok sa ladies room? my brother in law, nung bata pa ung pamangkin kung babae, sa cr ng lalake na lang niya sinasamahan...better than an adult male inside the ladies' room.

    12. chres said...

      Hi : ) I've been reading your blog for 3 days now and I enjoyed reading most of your posts. Care to exchange links? My blog is quite new so you won't really see more posts from there. I would really appreciate it if you will add me.


    13. reyna elena said...

      HMpt! if i know! hehehe! pag nalaman ko kung sinong babaeng hinahabol mo dun, lagot sya saken! heheh!

      OY! an saya saya ko talaga! ever! hehehe! salamat sa BINIGAY mo! hahaha

    14. cedeux said...

      hehehe. natawa naman ako dun.
      sayang sana sumimple k n ng silip!

      musta na? bakasyon na ko! weeehhh!

    15. Ely said...

      hi chres! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yup, i'm adding you in my list, hope to see my link in your site too. Cheers!

      reyna elena, hehehe, binigay ko?

      cedeux, buti ka pa may bakasyon. Enjoy! san ka this summer?

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