Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tine and I

My friend, Tine just arrived from Hong Kong three weeks ago. She texted me only after a week later and I got surprised that she wanted to meet me in my place. We are very good friends, we meet whenever we get the chance, but never in my place. Being the “best friend” that I am, I sensed a trouble right away. Unfortunately my place is one hell of a mess (I’m moving), so I suggested we should meet outside instead.

We met at Trinoma.

As an icebreaker, we walked around, checking the mall and laughing at the funny, cheap looking ornaments on the ceiling, noticed how dull they painted the seemingly unplanned interiors and those dirty, unevenly laid floor tiles. We were like venting out on those things, so everything has become a bit lighter later.

We went up to what we thought was the best part, at the little Baguio (that's how she called it) on the rooftop and got amused by these young couples doing the PDA.

The scene reminded us of Burnham Park in Baguio , minus the jackets covering them lovers. She thought I should take pictures (stolen shots) and post them in my blog. I did (naughty me), with her giggling behind.

It was a funny start to a kinda emotional talk later. Nevertheless, we both know every thing's gonna be ok in the end. We'll meet again soon (hopefully outside the Philippines!!!) and laugh our hearts out about how silly we've both been when comes to falling in love...

I'll be in a resort in Batangas this weekend. I'm joining my officemates for our annual team building. Hope to have some fun despite having a Sunday night shift. Cheers!


the donG said...

PDAs in that area. funny that you took those shots. i hope they'll soon know that they are in this post. lol

reyna elena said...

Ay naku! Marami akong kwento nyang bwisit na Team Building na yan noh! hahaha!

Pag-uwi ko, gusto ko ganyan din tayo! HAHAHA!

Kainis, umalis ka pa! Pagbalik mo, daan ka sa Palasyo. Nominated ka mahal!

reyna elena said...

nga pala - ANONG PDA??? (bobita lola) heheh

Ely said...

the dong, those were stolen shots. Actually taken from quite far distance, the images were magnified.

reyna, nominated pow ako? thanks! hehe. PDA - Public Display of Affection daw. LOL

Prily said...

sweet pics. i know you are catching the moments!