Thursday, May 22, 2008

The best David won

I had no plans to blog about this but I got a bit excited last week to see another perfect top 2 in American Idol. We had the best top 2 last 2005. Followed by a weird pair in 2006 then the weakest last year. This time America got it all right, so right that I didn't really care who's gonna win, David or David, they're both talented.

I thought David A.'s gonna win the voting though, based from the trend since day one, but if I could vote, I would have voted for David C. I think he's more ready than his very young competitor.

I noticed that Simon, so as the other two judges also wanted David C. to win. Simon has been trying to make him appear as the underdog by giving favorable comments for David A., that would gain David C. more sympathy votes, which he deserve, and he did. So the early favorite, I mean big, huge favorite David A. (looked like he) was robbed. Well, he's still young. A career is waiting. He doesn't need to win.

It's been another great season for American Idol.

For me the best part of the show last night was Carrie Underwood's number. She's my favorite Idol winner so far.
The worst part: The "I am brother, best friend forever..." by, uh... a Filipino. What a shame!


aajao said...

congrats sa mga davids. hehe.. pero hindi ako nanonood ng AI. :D

Diablo said...

since when did americans go for underdogs? lol.

1. simon's verdict was the real deal.

2. sympathy votes, how low.

3. i asked archuleta to take me to the prom.

yun lang. ^_^

thanks for dropping by, kabsat.

my-so-called-Quest said...

hay another AI season.
to be honest, simula nung nanalo si hicks e la na ko elibs sa AI. pero nanunuod pa rin ako. fave part ko naman yung lahat ng 6 male contestants kumanta pati na yug kay carly at michael.

madami sanang magaling this season, unfortunately, naalis sila unexpectedly.

Ely said...

aajao, actually i stopped watching nung matanggal si Ramiel. Nanood lang ulit ako sa finals.

diablo, they did in season 2 and season 5. :P

Ced, the best season ung 4. But in season 5, i actually wanted Hicks to win too. hehe. I love Carly during the auditions but hated her during the final rounds.
Medyo hindi naging maganda ngayon kasi nauna natanggal ung mga magagaling. It would have been perfect if Michael Johns made top 3 instead of Syesha.

Abou said...

in a way, bilib ako ke ronaldo lapuz.

performing on idol stage is such a great feat.

hi ely.

kingdaddyrich said...

david a. vs david c.

david c?

david chuleta?

Ely said...

hi abou, bilib ako sa level of confidence niya performing infront of a 7000+ live audience. LOL

kingdaddyrich, David Chuleta? thats cool, hehe...