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    I’ve always wanted to be a father. It’s a wish still yet to come true. I’ve started mulling over this since I was in high school. I had these silly thoughts running in my mind like how I would have brought the topic with my ex(s). But I wasn’t prepared to hear them screaming “We’re not married, we’re in school, you don’t have a job, you can’t even bring me to an expensive place, and you want a baby?!?”

    I also thought; what if I’d just go ahead, say get drunk, pretending it was unplanned but actually was, and just deal with it later. Sounds alright, but I realized how selfish that could be. I have sisters and I want some good karma on them brought about by my, ehem, good actions. Aside from being suplado, I never really wanted to do things to girls that I don’t want my beloved sisters to experience.

    And I got scared thinking about diapers. I don’t mind carrying babies in diapers, but changing diapers? I’m not ready. I remember looking after my still crawling niece a few years back, I almost perfectly handled the bottle feeding, swaying, making funny faces and sounds, but when it was time to change that thing, I ran next door and begged a grandma neighbor to do it.

    I see young parents doing groceries and often debating which diaper to buy. One would often insist that they get the least expensive. Uh, I ain’t gonna let my baby suffer from using cheap diapers, I’d probably get the most expensive one. That’s another problem. Add to the expenses: milk, clothes, and other baby stuff I don’t even know. I want to raise a baby in full luxury and I am definitely not financially ready.

    But I get envious seeing young, happy (happy?) fathers, especially young, unmarried fathers. I always wonder how they were able to get through it all, their parents, their kid’s mother’s parents and all. If it happened to me, my conservative mother would have cried a river and my strict father would have shot me, and not to mention the possibility of getting married, which would have absolutely been a big no. Not without a million in my bank account, not without a house, not without a car, not without a stable job.

    Happy father’s day to my dad, and to all fathers out there!



    1. wanderingcommuter said...

      we have the same idea in mind. yung mga tipong hindi pinagplanuhan... lasing kunyari. hehehe. pero imagining how fragile babies could be parang hindi ko kakayanin.

      anyhow, hampey father's day sa tatay mo!

    2. Abaniko said...

      Just you wait. You'd be a father soon. Meantime, look for a partner. Hehe.

    3. reyna elena said...

      hmmm... ASAN SI ELY?!


      charing lang! hehehe

    4. > Vanny said...

      happy father's day to ur dad! :)

      and to you.. soooon?? :D

    5. my-so-called-Quest said...

      happ father's day sa dad mo at sau. hehehe. juk!

    6. Ely said...

      wanderingcommuter, very fragile! kakatakot buhatin. hehe

      abaniko, hehe. maybe soon...

      reyna elena, i'm hir!!!!

      Vanny, happy father's day to ur dad too!!

      Cedeux, happy father's day din! sau! :P

    7. Ambo said...

      Don't worry things are planned and soon you'll be a good father to your kids. Like me, waiting to be a dad soon. Natawa ako, bakit nga kelangan mag make face pag me karga kang bata? ahahaha. Happy Fathers day to your Dad brother. God bless.

    8. Ely said...

      Ambo, Wala lang, kc di ba pag inaaliw ung bata, dapat funny faces, hehehe.
      happy father's day to ur dad too!

    9. Ambo said...

      Salamat bro kaso 8 years ng magtropa dad ko at si san pedro hehe.

    10. Dakilang Islander said...

      stop worrying..gawa lang ng gawa ng babies..ahihiii

    11. Abou said...

      gusto ko na din maging tatay.

      para di masayang magandang genes ko he he. joke


    12. dimaks said...

      having kids will not mainly revolve in changing the diapers :)

    13. pmonchet said...

      That was also my friends idea before he got married, mag ipon ng sandamakmak.Pero may nag advise,kapag yan ang iisispin mo,hindi ka na magkakaasawa at mag kakaanak.Ayun,2 na ang kids niya.nakakaraos nga din daw pala. Kahit walang million.hehehe

    14. yoshke said...

      waaaaah. pareho tayo. ive always wanted to be a dad, too. and i envy single dads. haha

    15. KRIS JASPER VAN DYKE said...

      late na po... advance na lng for next year..

      at sana sa next yr ay ikaw na ang ginigreet ko ng hapi father's day at di lang dad mo. lol.

    16. Lawstude said...

      i second that young man. almost all my batchmates have kids and the pressure is mounting on me now. lols.

      belated happy father's day to your dad and all dad out there.

    17. kingdaddyrich said...

      masarap maging ama. lalo kung nakikita mo na ang iyong anak ay lumalaki sa maga bagay na gusto mo na makakabuti para sa kanya.

      maraming responsibilidad ang kaakibat niyan. kaya kailangan ng paghahanda,

    18. rahamitz said...

      I love this post. Naka-relate ako, hehe! Am a dad to 3 beautiful and energetic children.. The time I saw my panganay coming out from my wife's womb, sabi ko: miracle of all miracles!!! Di ko alam kung ano ang gagawin ko, hehe! Don't worry, malapit ka na ring maging ama... In His time...

    19. footiam said...

      A suplado could be the best father yet. Need not share him with others!

    20. reyna elena said...

      Hmpt! Ewan! Sukat kasi me mali sa genetics ko! Hmptttt!!!! ~*ngiting puppy*~

    21. Ely said...

      Ambo, sorry pow...

      Dakilang Islander, sabi mo eh! hehe

      abou, ayos yan! Magsabog ng magagandang lahi.

      dimaks, that's a lesson i've learned 10 years ago. Was just making fun here. hehe

      pmonchet, well as long as there's enough cash, that's OK.But i want more for my future kids...so "enough" is not just enough.

      yoshke, :)

      kris jasper, never too late. Medyo malabo pa next year, hehe

      lawstude, kakainggit, pero pag nakita mo hirap nila, nawawala na pressure! hahaha

      kingdaddyrich, malaking paghahanda! Kaya bilib ako sa mga nakakaraos na hindi naghanda. hehe

      rahamitz, wow, balated happy father's day!

      footiam, you are right!

      reyna elena, hahahahahahahahaha!

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