Thursday, June 5, 2008

Presidentiable Obama!

So, Obama is now officially the first ever Black-American to run for US presidency. If I were a US citizen, I'd still pick Clinton. Anyway, I'm happy to see the (ex?)-presidentiable congratulating her opponent.

err, presidentiable?!?

I've searched google and found out that almost all pages with the word "presidentiable" are from the Philippines. Who coined this word? I saw it on all major local newspapers before. I asked Merriam-Webster and to my disappointment she can't give me an answer, not even Wikipedia.

Na-nosebleed sila pareho.


Ambo said...

Hahahaha natawa naman ako dun kay Meriam. di kaya si meriam santiago ang napagtanungan mo? lol. Magandang SEO pala yan hmmmm magawa nga. Thanks for sharing brother!

dabo said...

yup.. obama is in. and have you seen the news lately, he and his wife michelle are doing fist bump.. cool!

--- --

another word is "presidential" son and "presidential" daugther etc..


i like Hilary as well... oh well, will they change the name "white"house?

Belen said...

Sure manalo na si Obama. baka nga daw si Clinton will run for vice president na lang sa line up ni Obama

cedeux said...

Go Obama!
go OPrah! whoops... mali pla. hehhehe!

Ely said...

Ambo, oo nga no, dapat si Miriam Defensor tinawagan ko. hehe

dabo, he's like all over...kakasawa na siya panoorin, hehe.
Also: Senatoriable!

kris jasper van dyke, humaba name naten ah! I actually like the name -WHite House.

Nay Belen, Mukhang gusto nga nila maging vice si Hillary. Sana nga talunin ni Obama si McCain.

Cedeux, for sure Oprah will continue campaigning for Obama...

Jake said...

Hilary is a bitch! At ayaw ng mga Kano sa babaeng President! I think Obama is a good choice, America is disintegrating, life is getting worst everyday, is it karma? The war that stupid Bush started is really ugly, very ugly!