• The double eyelid

    “You have very big eyes!”

    That's from the Korean lady seated in front of me (two years ago). I was busy discussing something and I noticed that strange look in her face. She was just staring at me, which made me thought she was just attentive. When I asked something, I realized she wasn’t actually listening. She was just awed by my “big eyes”.

    If it was from a fellow Filipino, I would have been offended, but from a Korean, it’s a compliment. I learned later on that they have this double eyelid craze. The absence of it is like having flat nose for Filipinos. It’s not considered very beautiful.
    I just remembered this when I saw a related topic featured at National Geographic. Never know this has gotten so big among our Asian neighbors that they’re willing to spend money and go under the knife to have it.

    When my co-employee saw the girl, she reacted: “Panget pagkagawa ng mata, halatang fake!”.

    The girl happened to have surgically made double eyelids herself, which I didn’t notice.

    Now, when I see those Korean and Taiwanese actors, I can't help but think: fake double eyelids.


    1. enrico said...

      I had to look in the mirror to check if I also have those well-coveted double eyelids. it's nice to know na our asian friends have also their own share of insecurities. kya pag may nang away sa akin na non-pinoy asian, magbu-byutipul eyes na lng ako. interesting, i learned something new today :9

    2. dam-dam said...

      we are not an ugly race after all...=)

    3. acey said...

      this post is making me feel like i have weird eyelids. mine is starting to look fake!!! lol.

    4. R-yo said...

      he he. i just got the same comment from kababayan's japanese mother in law. tuwang-tuwa siya at gwapo daw ako dahil sa aking malaking mata, he he. hiyay!

    5. > Vanny < said...

      hala.. pano na yan. sobrang nacu-cute-an pa naman ako sa mga chinitos/chinitas. :D

    6. Ambo said...

      Basta ako di fake hehehe.

    7. Ely said...

      enrico, that's right, insecure sila sa mata nila. hehe.

      dam-dam, the best in Asia!

      acey, i will have to rotate your photo for that, hehe.

      r-yo, oo nga, lahat ng may malaking mata, gwapo at maganda agad para sa kanila.

      vanny, singkit pa rin naman mata nila kahit nagpapagawa ng double eyelid, hehe. lumalaki lng konti.

      ambo, ako din. :)

    8. maLen said...

      aray ko! hahahha...this is why i don't wear make ups kase wala ako masyadong double eye lid eh and frustration ko talaga yaaaaaaaan hinde tuloy ako makapag smokey eyes LOL

    9. chyng said...

      not very pretty ang eyelids ko para ishowcase.. plus pa ang eyebags ko! eewish! (--,)

    10. Ely said...

      malen, hehe...China eyes? pwede na yan, basta meron. :)

      chyng, at least meron ikaw, sila wala talaga. hehe

    11. Reyn said...

      Was this the reason why most of the anime characters have huge eyes?

      Nice post here. Informative..

    12. Ely said...

      reyn, probably? i think may report dati tungkol sa mga anime, kung bakit malalaki mga mata nila. nakalimutan ko na kung ano ung reason. hehe

    13. Reyn said...

      Ang alam ko dun, gusto kasi nilang magkaroon ng malalaking mata. Tulad na lang ng concepts ng mga animes nila. Futuristic (e.g. Dragonball) pero bilib sila sa sarili na kaya nilang ma-achieve yun.

      Ewan ko lang sa pagkakaroon ng malaking mata. Haha...kaya sa mga animes na lang nila binabawi. LOL.

    14. Ely said...

      reyn, siguro nga, nangangarap sila magkaroon ng malaking mata, kaya sa anime nila binabawi, hehe

    15. ROneiluke said...

      waaaaaa!! meron ako!! haha!! ang yabang ko tuloy!! hehe! informative blog...ciao!

    16. Ely said...

      ROneiluke, halos lahat ng Pinoy meron nyan...hehe. Kaya inngit sila saten.

    17. mai said...

      this is so true :))
      pero super ganda kaya ang mga Filipinos. ewan ko bakit insecure kayo! haha. chinese ako and la rin akong double eyelids :( nahurt ako sa mga comments :( joke =)) ewan. i dont get why ppl keep saying chi and jap are so confident. opposite kaya!

    18. melai04 said...

      haha. ang saya naman. sabi ko pa naman ang weird ng eyes ko becoz i have double eye lids. cute pala un sa iba. nice. :)

    19. Ely said...

      hi mai! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry, now ko lang nakita comment mo. I apologize for the comments, :)

      melai04, yup. Sobrang "asset" un sa ibang mga Asian neighbors naten. Kaya inggit sila sa mga mata naten.

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