• meme: better late than never

    A tag from footiam that's long overdue.
    Here, the participants will have to answer a series of questions with a one word answer:

    Yourself: Shy
    Your Partner: None
    Your Hair: Short
    Your Mother: Conservative
    Your Father: Tough
    Your Favorite Item: Camera
    Your Dream Last Night: None
    Your Favorite Drink: Hmmm...
    Your Dream Home: Huge
    The Room You Are In: Office
    Your Fear: None
    Where Do You Want to be in 10 years: Worldwide
    Who You Hung Out With Last Night: None
    What You Are Not: Genius
    Muffins: No
    One of Your Wish Items: Laptop
    Time: Gold
    Last Thing You Did: Chatting
    What You Are Wearing: Shirt
    Your Favorite Weather: Blue
    Your Favorite Book: None
    Last Thing You Ate: Shiomai
    Your Mood: Irate
    Your Best Friends: None
    What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Work
    Your Car: Nnone
    Your Summer: Great
    What’s on your TV: Hmmm
    What Is Your Weather Like: Wet
    When Was the Last Time You Laughed: Today
    What is your relationship status: Single!

    Well, I'm tagging everyone!


    1. my-so-called-Quest said...

      walang fear o? hehehe.
      musta na si supladong double eyelid? heheh

    2. Ely said...

      actually madami, kaso one word lang daw kaya "none" na lang. hehehe

    3. acey said...

      at may exclamation point talaga ang answer sa last question!

    4. KRIS JASPER VAN DYKE said...

      same her.. i like that weather.

      but no bestfriend?

    5. wanderingcommuter said...

      force field!!! hahaha... interesting points. hahaha...

    6. Dakilang Islander said...

      now i know more about u pero syadong tipid naman ang sagot 1 word lng talaga...
      no fear pala ha dun ka kaya i-assign sa iraq..heheh

    7. Ely said...

      acey. oo, para emphasized. hehe

      kris jasper. i use to have one. pero ndi na ngaun. :(

      wandering commuter, oo nga eh. tagal ko ndi napost kasi wala ako maisip isagot. :)

      dakilang islander, yun ang rule eh. hehe. You'll know more about me in my next post. Cheers!

    8. kingdaddyrich said...

      lols. pansin ko rin ang exclamation point sa SINGLE!

    9. dazedblu* said...

      kewl; pero ang daming none ang sagot:)

    10. ROneiluke said...

      what's an "irate" mood? hehe!

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