• F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Next to my family, I value my friends more than anything else.

    It's amazing how friendship is kept through the years, despite the differences, the odds. That's when you know, it's indeed real.

    hot choco: sweet

    Shy, wallflower, silent, snub. That's how my friends describe me. A sheep who could in a snap turn into a bull.

    They're right. I could be the nicest person on earth and depends on how you treat me, I could be the exact opposite. And my friends know that. And they know that I know that. I am not the kind who would go around people I don't like, pretending to be nice when in fact I am not.

    And no matter how bad I could get sometimes, they accept me. Just like that. I just thought I am so lucky for having them as friends, maybe limited in number but are giving me unlimited love and support. They may not tolerate my behavior all the time but in the end, they're there for me, staying with me... unconditionally.


    1. ced said...

      sabi nga nila, true friends are the one who stays and accepts kahit na paiba iba ang ugali mo. para sa ating malayo sa bahay, ung mga true friends na ang ating 2nd kapamilya=]

    2. Abaniko said...

      I suppose you have a battalion of friends and you haven't even counted your online buddies. Let's drink to friendship!

    3. ice said...

      a friend is someone who is always there for you no matter what, no matter how busy they are.....

      hmmm bakit di kita nakikitang dumadaan sa blog ko wahahaha.. i guess, i guess i know the answer and thats ans my question..joke

      hahahahahha have a great day tol

    4. Chyng said...

      friends know you best tlga... they see and know eveything but dont mind the bad attitudes.

      cheers to great friends!

    5. Ely said...

      ced, un nga! hehe. hard to survive without them.

      abaniko, not really. i could count them with my fingers, pero di baleng konti lang basta totoo.

      ice, dumadaan naman. di mo lang siguro napapansin. hehehe

      chyng, cheers!

    6. The Mikologist said...

      yup, quality over quantity pag dating sa friends. i have a few, and each iba-iba ang ugali, and most of them nga hindi magkakaclose, parang i'm the glue that binds, hahaha

      lahat din may kanya-kanyang "purpose". may project collaborator, may devil's advocate, may corkboard. hahaha.

      one thing though, meron kaming principles that goes above friendship, like honor code. no one among us can ask each other to lie, cheat or steal for him, unless may buhay na nakataya. hahaha.


      thanks for sharing, miss ko tuloy friends ko.

    7. TheScud said...

      its great to build friendships that could last a lifetime. I wrote a similar piece over the weekend when I was in one of my gloom moods.

    8. Reyn said...

      Kapag may problema ka, andyan lagi ang mga tunay na kaibigan. Kapag nakipag-break ka sa syota mo, andyan din sila. Lagi silang nakaalalay, lagi silang sumusuporta.

      Hehe..la lang.. :)

    9. aajao said...

      ely, i have a similar post way back november 2007.. di ba sabi ko sa yo, nostalgic? hahaha... to read, click the link on my name. :)

    10. RONeiluke, RN said...

      i agree to what reyn said... kapag nakipagbreak ka, nandyan sila! hahaha! but that's not likely to happen now, is it?

      i have my bestfriend, haley. we've been friends for almost a decade now... and somehow i felt like she's the one person i want to be constant in my life :)

      peace out! :)

    11. dazedblu* said...

      Uhh, aww sweet, sana close friend tayo, haha XD

      anyways you have a point there... through thick and thin nandyan sila, but only those who are dear to you, the BFF thing right?

      Si Ron may drama sa buhay? Hmmmmm, whom to share with/constant in my life, whew nask naman XD

    12. wanderingcommuter said...

      we share the same sentiments when it comes to friends!!!

    13. Ely said...

      mikologist, honor code...we never really talked about having one but we all know we are bound not to do anything that could destroy the friendship. thanks for sharing too!

      thescud, definitely! will check ur post too.

      reyn, hehe. tama ka.

      aajao, hehe, sure. lagi kang 1 year ahead sa mga posts. hehe

      roneiluke, same here. ang hirap mag-adjust pag nagkalayo na. kakamiss.

      dazedblu, hehe. emo siya in the past few weeks...

      wanderingcommuter, :)

    14. Ambo said...

      Meron akong friends for 12 years. 16 kaming lahat ang dami ano? Isang grupo lang yun. Ang saya kasi dati bf/gf stage pa lang hanggang kasal, binyag present lahat. Sa ngayon mas komportable akong magsabi ng feelings at problema sa mga kaibigan ko.

    15. Reyn said...

      aba ron at sumasang-ayon ka talaga sakin?? haha...

      Ely, anu yung "chat support training" nyo? parang gusto ko din nun...hehe..

    16. dazedblu* said...

      Haha, uu nga obviosu naman, btw lemme greet you belated happy birthday, :D

    17. enrico said...

      ang friends lang din natin ang derecho magsasabi na may dumi tayo sa ilong, na mabaho na tayo. hehe. but seriously, our friends are there not to tell us what we want to hear but what we should hear, kahit masakit. basta ikakabuti natin :9

    18. Abou said...

      konti lang friends ko bakit kaya

      ha ha

    19. Looking For The Source said...

      cheers to friends!

    20. .::. Vanny .:. said...

      nice.. a sheep than can turn into a bull..

      pano ako? a bull that can turn to a sheep? :D

      kc maldita daw ako outside but i know i have the softest heart.. mushy in other words. :D

    21. Ely said...

      ambo, dami ah! parang ganun din kami. kasalan, malapit na dun, hehehe

      reyn, pang-internal hiring lang po un.

      dazeblu, thanks po!

      enrico, that's right. besides, kung sila nagsabi, hindi masiyado masakit.

      abou, hehe. ok lang un.

      lookingforthesource, cheers!

      vanny, kabaligtaran ba? hehe. I think, it's a good thing pag alam naten na we are "bulls", so we dont get pretentious.

    22. lusia said...

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    23. joaqui_miguel said...

      Friends are gems. :)

      I'm sure you will agree that we cannot live without them.

    24. onatdonuts: "Tirador ng Kaning Lamig" said...

      tama masaya talaga kapiling ang mga tunay na kaibigan. ;-)

    25. Ely said...

      joaqui miguel, hmmm. i forgot to mention that. i agree, 100%.

      onatdonuts, tama ka dyan...

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