Monday, November 17, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

Walkman. It was the in-thing back in the early 90's. I was still in elementary then, and coming from a financially challenged family, I knew owning one is a luxury. It was one of those things that I perceived will remain stuck on my wish list, forever.

I remember having lunch on our dining table one day, when my aunt who just arrived from abroad came to our house and managed to sneaked in, right there behind me without me noticing. She put something in my ears. It left me wondering for a moment, until I heard a music playing. It's a walkman earpiece. I felt excited but that quickly faded thinking that the walkman wasn't for me, I began to pay attention to her arrival instead. I haven't seen her for years, and I missed her.

Of course, that walkman was her gift, a pasalubong, which I will never forget. I learned later on that it's a Sony walkman. I wasn't really aware about brands that time, but I knew my walkman has a name. Besides, it was bought abroad. I took care of it like a priceless possession, not letting anyone get their hands on it.

Years later, digital cameras started to gain popularity. In love with photography, I thought I have to get a compact camera as a start. It's gonna be my first digital camera, and I was anxious about buying something that's not my money's worth. After quite a long time of window shopping, and some paydays of saving, I finally decided to get a Sony.

During a trip in Baguio last summer, with my friend Joy

Self portrait

I didn't expect much from the camera. All I wanted is to take pictures without using films. It turned out that my Sony DSC-W70 is just amazing. It inspired me to create a blog because I want to show off the photos I took with it. This camera takes great pictures, the macro feature is unbelievable, some people actually thought I was using a DSLR.

Some of my favorite shots

Later on I got a job as a technical support representative for a competing brand. The difference is very noticeable; not even the best camera the company I am working for has to offer is at par with the quality of my Sony. I feel bad for our customers when they call us about a lot of complaints with their cameras. I often wish I could advise them to get a Sony camera instead.

Anyway, I am lucky to have discovered Sony at an early age. My Sony walkman as a kid definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series; something that I look forward to having too.


TheScud said...

wow. ang ganda ng mga kuha mo. i wonder how your pictures would look like if you actually use a dslr. i have an s5 (sabi nila a cross between a point and shoot and a dslr) and i still have not taken a shot that i could be proud of. bummer!

Ely said...

the scud, thanks po. pinapangarap ko pa lang magka-DSLR, hehe. for now, makontento muna sa point and shoot.

Shirgie said...
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Shirgie said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog...ang ganda naman ng camera...very clear yung resolution ng mga pix...I want to grab it..hehhehe

Ely said...

Shirgie, you're welcome, and thanks na rin. hehe

TheScud said...

mura na lang ang dslr. you can actually buy one below 30k. presyo na ata yan ng point and shoot camera sa mga malls.