• Thanks-Giving!

    I don't really know what Thanksgiving is. I'm just aware that it's a very important US holiday; like Christmas in the Philippines.

    Anyway, I've been getting a lot of thanksgiving greetings from our customers since last week:

    I feel so "helpful". hehehe

    May isa, humirit pa:
    I wasn't sure if I gave a humorous response; the customer didn't answer. I assume he was already busy since we're able to resolve his issue. If you were me, how would you have answered that?

    Anyway, a US holiday is our holiday at the office too. We'll be in White Ave partying, tomorrow night.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


    1. Chyng said...

      I asked our counterpart in Portland too. "What in particular do you guys thank for in your Thanksgiving?"

      Ok lang kaya yun? haha

    2. TheScud said...

      i sent out emails too yesterday to clients and greeted them with happy thanksgiving. I almost sent one to a British client. Buti na lang tsinek ko kung saan sya based. :-)

    3. the donG said...

      hindi rin ako masaydong familiar sa thanksgiving. i only know that it's an important celebration of thanking God for the blessing that came during the whole year.

      may isa ka pa palang blog. akala ko kasi yung isa lang. yon kasi naka link sa blogroll ko.

    4. david said...

      happy thanksgiving ely! hehehe! :D

    5. aajao said...

      ilabas ang turkey! :P

    6. reyna elena said...

      hahaha i didn't send any thanksgiving chorva sa mga pinoy bloggers, it thought this was just an American thing, pasko, pyesta at pag-pasa sa board exams kasi ang thanksgiving naten hahaha

    7. Ely said...

      Chyng, haha. Ano sagot niya?

      The Scud, Ako, ndi ako naggreat unless great nila ako. Mahirap na, baka nga ndi rin tga-US. hehe

      the DOng, yup, this is my blog-blog. Kasi puro pictures sa kabila eh. Dito ganun din, LOL. May konting words lang. Medyo tamad ako magsulat these days.

      David, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

      Aajao, Ba't nga kaya ndi uso ang turkey sa Pinas no? Puro tayo chicken.

      reyna elena, gulat nga ako eh, kasi maski sa SM, nagcecelebrate din sila. May thanksgiving sale, at discount sa dept. store nila.

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