Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shark: endangered species. Who cares?

Mini Stop introduced me to eating fried shark's fin. I was never really convinced they're from real shark fins, it tastes just like their fried pork siomai. Must be made out of flour or something.

I was watching CNN's Planet in Peril the other day. Ironically they're featuring shark hunting somewhere in Costa Rica. There's this shark infested area where hundreds of sharks are killed everyday. Their cameras followed some WildAid advocates in their attempt to fight save the sharks.

Who cares? They should kill them all. They're dangerous, feared, and definitely one of the living things I hate the most.

Until Lisa Ling started explaining:

"There is however, a creature far more predacious than the shark: Humans.

Sharks existed before there were dinosaurs and they pre-date humans by millions of years. Yet, in a relatively short period of time, humans and their technological arsenal have driven most shark populations to the verge of extinction.

This is bad news for the world's oceans. Sharks are the top predator in the ocean and are vital to its ecosystem. The rapid reduction of sharks is disrupting the ocean's equilibrium."

These are ecosystems that have evolved over millions and millions of years. As soon as you start to take out an important part of it, it's like a brick wall, you take out bricks eventually it's going to collapse."

Shark finning is famous because of, yes, the fins. They're often transported all the way to Asia, and made into a very expensive shark fin soup, and perhaps into this fried shark fin we get from Mini Stop.

True to my being an Al Gore follower, I will never buy and eat shark fins again.


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

nakonsensya ka? hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

sabi nga ni janice de belen, anong gusto mo kumain ka ng shark? o kainin ka ng shark?

ang walang kwenta ng rason niya noh? hahaha

reyna elena said...

Ow?! and you ate the thing?! hala ka! hahaha!

there's this TV show sa US about Japanese whale hunters na tinitira nang environmental group and it's on TV nakalimutan ko lang ang name nang show.

but i saw some footages at linsyak grabe pala pag pinapatay nila ang whales! uber! nakakarimamarim!

Ely said...

MANDAYA MOORE, hmmm. ndi naman masyado.

Wanderingcommuter, saan niya sinabi yun? hehe.

reyna elena, yup, kinain ko nga. LOL. Mga Japanese at Chinese nga daw mahilig sa ganyan, at mamahalin ata mga food na ganun sa kanila.

reyna elena said...

Psst! Maligayang pasko pala at joyeux noel and wish you the best of all the best! Ingat sa watosi ha? gandang lalaki mo pa naman! hahaah

lucas said...

parang msarap yung shark fins ah...hehe!

happy christmas, ely :)

footiam said...

I like shark fins. Never mind the sharks!@

my-so-called-Quest said...

anu bang lasa nyan?

happy Christmas pareng/Ninong ely! hehe

Looking For The Source said...

merry christmas!


god bless!

jiMboy said...

I've never tried shark fins yet but I'm at the environmentalist's side. It's just I wanted to taste one before turning into an advocate LOL XD

duke said...

maligayan pasko, ely.