Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tuning in to GMA7. I've never done that in the past four years.

Last week, I heard about the controversy surrounding the two giant networks' coverage on Marky Cielo's death. Of course I wanted to hear the mom's side about ABS-CBN taking close up footage of her son. So I watched the news from GMA for the first time.

I am a Kapamilya, but I think ABS-CBN, or the camera man, or their staff/reporter, made a huge mistake of not respecting the mother's request. It's not about who's getting the most coverage now, it's all about respect.

I believe ABS-CBN should apologize.

One more thing, almost all people, especially media men kept on mentioning that Marky is from Bauko, Benguet.

Bauko is not a part of Benguet. It is a town in Mountain Province. And it is MOUNTAIN province, not MOUNT province which this one GMA7 reporter said, not once, not twice, but gazillion times (or perhaps he just pronounced it with an unheard, very silent "t"?). Benguet is not a part of Mountain Province either. Benguet is another separate province, where Baguio is located.

I just love geography.


r-yo said...

i really just fume mad when reporters do not get their geography right, or how a town's name is pronounced, e.g. borongan, which is pronounced borong-gan. Magbabasa na nga lang sila, mali pa.

The Scud said...

^ and i don't like news reports where they show corpses kahit paa or kamay lang. tabloid na ang dating. that's why i totally shun local news. sa dayro na lang ako makibabalita.

Chyng said...

Lesson in geography it is! ;)

I have no idea abt that Marky Cielo's footages. Ano daw nangyare acdg sa ABS-CBN?

Dakilang Islander said...

once in a blue moon ka na nga lang manood ng GMA7 pansin mo na dami nilang kamalian what's more kung arawaraw ka nanood..yan tuloy nalecture ng geography..hehhe

Reyn said...

I love photography too.

Have you taken the Traveler IQ Test?

the donG said...

i agree. dami kasing nagugulahan sa cordillera region. kaya ako interested din sa region na yan kasi usually mga tao baguio lang ang alam pagdating dyan.

kaya isa din talaga sa pinakamemorable ko na byahe this year ay ang pagpunta sa kapangan, benguet. gusto kong mag aral ng kanilang salita.

Ely said...

r-yo, me too. Kung foreigner ung reporter ok lang, pero kung Pinoy, i think they should research first bago humarap sa camera.

The Scud, naka-censor naman minsan, pero kita pa rin. Ang pinaka-ayoko ung close up na kuha pag may mga nag-iiyakan.

Chyng, naki-usap ang mom niya na wag kuhanan si Marky ng close up. Pero sige pa rin ang ABS, at pinalabas pa ata sa news. Siyempre nagalit ung nanay.

Dakilang Islander, hehe. Ndi naman masyado.

Reyn, yup. Bagsak ako dun.

the DOng, medyo magulo talaga. pero responsibility nila na alamin yun d b?

Kankanaey ata salita nila sa Kapangan...nakaka-intindi ako nun.

Abou said...

i agree. abs cbn should apologize. period.

Honney said...

Did you watch The Buzz last Sunday? ABS was so mad at GMA. Haha. ABS was accusing GMA of sensationalizing the Marky thing. But they never answered why they took a close-up shot of Marky in a coffin when they're not supposed to. Ang weird.

Anyway, kala ko ako lang ang nakapansin regarding Benguet, Mountain Province, Cordillera, Baguio, etc. I swear nalito talaga ako kung taga-saan ba talaga si Marky! Haha.

Ely said...

Abou, dapat lang talaga mag-sorry sila talaga.

Honney, oo nga eh. Lumihis sila sa topic. Sana nag-sorry na lang sila.

Taga Mountain Province siya. hehe. Cordillera tawag sa buong region, kasama din Baguio dun.