• Year End Post II

    I should stop whining.

    2008 may not have been as fruitful as I envisioned it to be, but there are things that I should be very thankful of.

    1. Friends. I am not a very friendly person, but I thank God for surrounding me with the right people. Friends who understand and accept my often unfavorable behavior. And despite the fact that the only thing I could give back is loyalty. Once a friend, in my heart, it will forever remain that way.

    2. My job. Probably not something that I really enjoy doing but I feel proud that I am not contributing to the high unemployment rate of the Philippines. With the crisis in the world economy going on, I should be thankful.

    3. Family. I'd drop everything for my family. No questions asked.

    4. Fellow bloggers. You get me entertertained, excited, inspired. The virtual support coming from you is highly appreciated. I've only met two so far. Not really into EB's but I would gladly honor an invitation. Basta free ako. hehe

    A blessed 2009 to everyone. Happy New Year!!!



    1. Reyna Elena said...

      Happy New Year Ely! Hope to see you again!

    2. aajao said...

      "Not really into EB's but I would gladly honor an invitation. Basta free ako. hehe"

      - basta hindi ka tulog. hahaha! happy new year, Ely. have a good 2009 and beyond (the horizon)! LOL :P
      seriously, i wish you and your loved ones all the best this coming year. medyo positive ang outlook ko sa 2009. sana magtuluy-tuloy ;)

    3. my-so-called-Quest said...

      happy new year kuya ely! hehe
      pagnagyaya ba magpakita libre mo?

    4. wanderingcommuter said...

      naks... huwaw! ill remember this... hampey new year ely!

    5. lucas said...

      happy new year ely! :) this year may not be as fruitful as we have expected it to be but i guess it's about looking at it in a different perspective :) the reason that we are still alive and looking forwRD to another year should be enough to be grateful :)

    6. Rio said...

      happy new year ely...

    7. the donG said...

      kakatuwa naman. kung minsan mas maganda talagang tingnan ang mga simpleng bagay sa buhay. mas nagiging kuntento ka. nice list ely. wishing you good times next year.

    8. Ely said...

      Reyna Elena, happy new year din! Sana nasa US na din ako next time natin magkita. LOL

      aajao, hehe. sensya na hirap magising eh. hehe. I'm trying to be very positive about 2009 also...

      my-so-called-quest, happy new year!!! teka, klan mo ba talaga ako lilibre? LOL

      wanderingcommuter, hampey new year din!!!

      lucas, happy new year! Yah, I am trying so hard to look at it that way. Hope it would make a difference.

      Rio, happy new year din pow!

      the dong, klangan makuntento, or else ma-frustrate lang ako. hehe


    9. bert loi said...

      happy new year parekoy!

    10. Dakilang Islander said...

      happy new year!! malapit na ang putukan dyan heheh bukas pa dito

    11. yoshke said...

      Happy New Year ELY!!!!!!

    12. JoShMaRie said...

      happy new year ely! :)

    13. enrico said...

      hey, nice list. we should really be thankful for all the blessings we've received this year.

      looking forward to another year of blessings. happy new year! :9

    14. The Scud said...

      happy new year ely! more power and more blog posts!

    15. salamin ni carl said...

      happy new year, ely.

    16. Ambo said...

      Happy New Year Brother! God bless you and your family always!

    17. .::. Vanny .:. said...

      "but I would gladly honor an invitation. Basta free ako."

      so u will go sa EB na sine-set ko? yey! di ko pa napagsasabi angd etails ng EB kc unknown pa ang date and place. kc unknown pa din ang status kung kaya ko ng gumala. :D

      hapi new year!

    18. Ely said...

      Vanny, sure, klan ba yan? hehe


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