• Israel bombing Gaza, Dela Paz versus Pangandaman, American Idol Season 6 and 7 marathon

    Naynteeen degrees!!! That's the temperature in Manila in the past two days. That's far from the normal 25-29 degrees. Someone must have broke that thermostat, enough reason for me to text my friends; "Ang lamig, parang Baguio!"

    We can continue wearing jackets until February.

    Israel bombing Gaza, Dela Paz versus Pangandaman, American Idol Season 6 and 7 marathon. That pretty much sums up my weekend TV indulgence. Runny nose, back pains, and headaches barred me from stepping out. I had take out foods, cups of coffee, 2 tablets of Neozep, Solmux, Advil and 4 packs of tissue papers.

    All gone before I went to sleep.

    Zohan is right. The war in Israel seem to never end; justifying his escape to New York and fulfill his dreams. Call me a pessimist but I never really believed that wars will end either. It's just so sad that the young and innocent have to suffer from all these.

    I pray for peace in Israel.

    Last year, the opportunity that American Idol brings urged a teenage girl to skip her class, lied to her dad, and catch the auditions in New York. She made it to Hollywood but missed the final cut. Not only the drama, the crazy and the lunatics, but Simon Cowell made me an Idol fan for the past 5 years.

    And of course the impeccable talent.

    Who could forget Melinda? I got to see her season 6 audition again. She's just amazing. Simon, in one of his recent interviews hailed her as the best singer who ever joined American Idol so far. Too bad, she didn't win; Jordin was not as good.

    I hope to finally see another contestant of Melinda's caliber this year. And I can't wait to hear Simon's harsh-reality-remarks too.

    The Dela Paz family finally filed cases against the now infamous mayor from the south. Dela Paz got Atty. Raymond Fortun on their side. I join the entire nation in praying for them. The Pangandamans must go to jail. They should! They need to!


    1. Reyn said...

      Israel will never be defeated, that's according to a scripture i read when I was little.

      Happy New Year, Ely!

    2. lucas said...

      the wars will not stop unless central banking exists... wars are waged because it's a good means to generate money... the vietnam war for example...

      he new season of american idol premiers this month.. CANT WAIT!

    3. Ely said...

      Reyn, Happy new year din.

      lucas, tama ka dyan. they need it to make money.
      can't wait for AI season 8! sa Jan 14 na. :)

    4. Chyng said...

      And I cant stand this weather anymore. Oh well di kasi ako POLAR bear kaya nahihirapan ako... ;)

    5. The Scud said...

      lapit na ang AI. next week na ata. my faves usually land in the top 3. not bad. :-)

    6. Reyn said...

      sa QTV ko lang siya mapapanuod kasi wala naman kaming cable :P hahaha...

      Excited na rin ako dito! AI is my favorite TV show!! :)

    7. aajao said...

      plurk invite lang: paki-click yung name ko :)

      uhm... regarding sa post mo, masarap nga ang panahon ngayong malamig.. wag lang sisipunin na syang nangyari sa akin nung mga nakaraang araw. brrr...

      hala, may gera pala sa Israel? hmm... di na ko updated sa mga balita. tsk, tsk...

    8. the donG said...

      what a way to start the year. from issues, war and entertainment. kaya medyo exciting itong 2009. hehehe...

    9. ced said...

      mas updated ka pa sa akin! hehe
      i lessen my AI viewing since taylor hicks? tama ba? hehe won.

      i much prefer the earlier season though. sana may pinoy ulit! hehe

    10. Ely said...

      Chyng, actually nanibago din ako. Namiss ko ung init. hehe

      The Scud, Sa Jan. 14 na! hehe.

      Reyn, actually sa telecast, nauuna ang QTV against StarWorld sa first half. Pero pag patapos na, pinupuno na nila ng commercial para sabay pa rin sila matatapos.

      aajao, nag=plurk na po. hehe.
      Yup, may giyera nga. ndi na natapos. :P

      the dong, sana nga walang ng krisis, para yumaman na tayo. hehehe

      ced, malamang may Pinoy ulit this year.

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