• I'm back

    Since I graduated from college, I never get a chance to stay at home for longer than 5 days anymore. I have been away, living alone, so a 10 day vacation is quite an experience. Although busy with some personal commitments, I enjoyed being back at the comforts of home again.

    I just got back here yesterday, and I am starting to miss home very terribly. No wonder, I fell in love with Daughtry’s Home and Nickelback’s Photograph very much.

    So homesick.

    Let me start my blogging again with some photos.

    Hulaan muna kung ano yan. Details on my next posts.



    1. wanderingcommuter said...

      uy welcome back!!!

      this is either bamboo or sugar cane...

      please say yes!

    2. Ang Lolo Niyo said...

      Welkam bak Ely!

      Tubo diba? Tama? Umamin ka!

    3. lucas said...

      ei, you're back! cool! :)

      hope you enjoyed you're vacation...

      hmmm... ano nga kaya yan?

      parang bamboo??? hahaha! ang loser ng hula ko. hintayan ko na lang ang sagot.

      peace out!

    4. Ely said...

      wanderingcommuter, medyo malapit na! hehehe...

      Ang Lolo Niyo, nabuhay po kayo?! malapit na din! hehe

      Lucas, thanks! enjoy na enjoy... sige pwede na rin bamboo... :)

    5. reyna elena said...

      mariwana?! hahahaha

    6. _ice_ said...

      welcome back tol.. kala ko nawala ka na sa ere

      maryjane ba iyan?...


    7. Reyn said...

      welcome back ely, though I often see you online. haha..

      uhm, anu yan?! illegal ba yan? haha..
      no idea. >.<

    8. david said...

      yehey! you're back!!!

    9. lucas said...

      Danny no doubt is one of the front runners including Lil. the batch this year is really good.

    10. Ely said...

      reyna elena, _ice_, alam na alam niyo ah! hehe

      Reyn, ayan, napost na ang sagot. hehehe

      Lucas, I agree! magagaling sila lahat.

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