• Sun Broadband, BayanDSL or PLDT?

    I do not have a permanent internet connection yet. I've got a SmarBro which is slower than dial up. I'm aware that Globe is just as slow. An agent from Sun came over last week for a free demo in my place, and the result was negative. He advised me to wait anytime this month baka magkakaroon na daw signal sa amin since they're expanding. It's kinda frustrating kasi EDSA lang pagitan namin sa SM North where the connection is very fast. Pagtawid mo sa kabila, wala na.

    I was so ready to get BayanDSL instead, until I've read THIS.

    Now I'm confused. Which internet provider should I choose? Swerte-swertehan lang ata to?

    Update (09/30/2009):

    Eventually, I've subscribed to BayanDSL. Good customer service is really a plus. It's been 6 months and I've been getting good connection so far (just a few intermittent connection issues). I worked as a technical support for a US DSL provider before and problems really occur sometimes, and definitely unavoidable. Everyone should expect for this as our technology is never perfect. Consider yourself lucky if you will never encounter any issues with your internet connection.

    On the other hand, a friend from Bulacan has been a happy SmartBro subscriber for years now. I've tried SmartBro here in Quezon city and it was slower than dial up. Warning to those who want to get these wireless internet services, everything will depend on your location. A kilometer distance makes a difference.

    Example: Sun broadband connection at SM North EDSA shows a very impressive connection speed. When I moved about 500 meters away from the mall, the connection went down to no higher than 5 kbps (yes, that's comparable to a dial-up). This is also true in the provinces.

    Sun broadband provides free demo, so I'd suggest that you try it first before making a decision. I'm not sure if Globe is offering a free demo too.

    May these tips help.

    Good luck!


    1. The Scud said...

      i suggest you choose ung "wired" connections. mahirap ang wireless broadbands. I own one and the speed is really crappy most of the time. buti na lang surfing lang ang ginagawa ko and a little bit of torrent. pwede na. if mahilig ka sa online gaming and voice/video chat good luck na lang. hehe.

      btw, I know of two people who use PLDT and BayanTel wala naman sila reklamo sa bilis ng connection.

    2. iRonnie said...

      the only way to know is to ask your neighbors...

      mukhang ang internet dito sa pinas works best on a per-area-basis.

    3. pusa said...

      i agree ang bagal ng smart bro, that's why i just sapplied for the pldt DSL, hopefully mas mabilis sila, ill let you know pag naikabit na :)

      pero yun nga lang talga depdne yata talaga sa area ang ganda ng net connection

    4. lucas said...

      dun ka na lang sa DSL, ely. at least kahit papano sure na may signal. hindi ka na maghihintay...hehe!

    5. Ely said...

      The Scud, i thought so. wag muna asa sa "wireless" kuno sa Pinas. So far mas konti nga reklamo sa PLDT at BayanTel compared sa iba. Malamang sa Bayan bagsak ko. Mabait kasi ung agent dun eh, hehe.

      iRonnie, napansin ko din. Depende nga at sa area mo. Kakagulat lang kasi along EDSA lang kami, at malapit sa mga malls.

      Pusa, balitaan mo kami ha. hehehe. Baka sa BayanDSL naman ako, medyo mas konti lang kasi requirements.

      Lucas, honga eh, mukhang un na nga bagsak ko. Ayusin ko after my vacation. naka-bakasyon ako kasi 2weeks... :)

    6. the donG said...

      im using mydsl and im contented with it.

    7. dak said...

      get PLDT's myDSL. no prob for almost 2 years... and it's fast. 3 PCs are connected to it here in the house yet still fast.

      when im in the apt, i use the globe visibility. and it's tolerably fast but not equally as using LAN. but it's expected cos it's wireless, right? and btw, it's signal dependent.

      iont think there's an issue regarding the speed of most of our internet service providers. cos i think almost all are fast. it's just that people want more than what is enough.

      i think what matters most is the what the service provider can provide when you encounter a problem with your connection, and as long as you don't encounter probs frequently (like only once a year), that's the sweetest.

    8. Ely said...

      the Dong, hmm,. that's my second option...

      Dak, thanks for the advise. I have noticed that too. I guess most subscribers are just expecting too much. Pero meron naman kasi ung iba na talagang sobra bagal, and laging disconnected, which should be understandable kasi ndi pa stable mga wireless internet connection naten. Anyway, we'll check PLDT and BayanDSL. I will base it on who will give me better customer service when i visit their offices. hehe.

    9. ced said...

      sa bahay we use pldt dsl. oks naman. heheh

      mahirap kasi jan dapat tapusin mo ung contract nila. goodluck sa pagpili=p

    10. aajao said...

      as of this date, scratch mo muna sa list mo yung SUN Broadband. Tama yung suggestions ng iba, get the "wired" plan. although, depende rin yata sa area mo ang performance ng wired connections. pag congested ang line sa isang area, chances are, may traffic din ang connection ng mga wired services. ewan ko lang din pero yung DSL namin sa office (Libis) medyo mabagal.

    11. onatdonuts said...

      ako wired connection...

      ok naman ang smart bro. di ko lang alam sa iba

    12. Ang Lolo Niyo said...

      Globe wireless ang sa akin. Wala pa namang problema...sa ngayon.

    13. reyna elena said...

      Di ba si Malen, wireless? Or is it because me wifi sa Eastwood?

    14. Ely said...

      aajao, i thought so. Ayun, iniwan ko a sa probinsya ung smart broken ko.

      onatdonuts,ok siguro location mo kaya mabilis connection.

      Ang Lolo Niyo, kaw din, mukhang maganda location mo. hehehe. depende daw pala kasi sa location yan.

      Reyna ELena, naka-Sun broadband siya. OK siguro signal dun sa Eastwood. hehehe.

    15. rukia said...

      is there anyone here from san pedro laguna? ok ba Pldt Mydsl connection dito? or has anyone tried the skycable zipdee? What is more money's worth among these internet connections? Malakas ba signal dito san pedro for smartbro or the globe equivalent of it? Help pls...thanks..
      yung 2 kapitbahay ko,nag titiis sa dialups eh.

    16. Ely said...

      rukia, gamit ng brother in law ko sa Paete dati PLDT, ok naman, walang problema. Di ko lang alam dyan sa San Pedro. Just like the others, I am not recommending wireless either.

    17. Anonymous said...

      fusha ang sun broadband... 2 kbps nakukuha ko parati...paputol putol pa grrrrr babalik na lang ako sa smartbro umaabot pa ako dun ng 2 mbps

    18. Ely said...

      Anonymous, buti ndi ako tumuloy subscibe sa Sun. hehe. Sobrang bagal kc ung result ng free demo. Ayun, nag BayanDSL na along ako. Almost 2 months na, so far ok pa naman.

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