Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pengeng Barya

"Kuya, penge po ng barya, gutom na po ako. Hindi pa ako kumakain, kuya…"

That was from a young boy, about 5 years old, trying to hold our gate as I was about to close it. I just arrived from work. My belief that it is illegal and it is not right to give to beggars made me stubbornly ignored him and closed the gate. Knowing that I can still hear him, he continued to beg, perhaps hoping that I’d change my mind and turn back to give something.

I didn’t.

I feel pity for the boy, but at the same time trying to convince myself that I was right. He's voice echoed in my mind before going to sleep that day. I am aware that I may seriously lack kindness in my heart. But something’s telling me that I did the right thing. There goes my usual sentiments; I wasn’t born rich either. I grew up with basically nothing. I never begged, nor did anyone in my family thought me to beg. My parents worked hard to provide us our needs. Often just enough, that anything in excess is considered luxurious. I learned it all the hard way. Blah! Blah! Blah! So, why should I let anyone, especially a young boy, think that begging is the only way to be able to eat?

In fact, didn’t I just teach him a lesson? I have shown him how cruel some people could get, and that the world is indeed unfair (insert cliché). That he has to work very hard to get what he wants and it may be fine to beg, but never expect to get something from it. Someday these experiences will make him strong.

Or am I wrong? I realized that maybe I am just making excuses to justify my unsympathetic act. Who am I to conclude that I was indeed teaching him a lesson? In his young, innocent mind, I could be just one of the rude, unkind individuals whom I believe he encounters everyday.

Monday, April 20, 2009


When did I start having problems with numbers?

For as long as I could remember.

During preschool, missing a number between 1-100 was one of my worries. Back then, being able to count all hundred of them is a sign of uhm...intelligence. Enough to make a parent very proud.

I swear, mathematics is a subject I would have loved not to take in school if only that was possible. One of the reasons why I decided to enroll Architecture is because of the idea that I won't be encountering the X's and the Y's again. I got depressed when I saw the curriculum. Aside from the tons of drawing papers and blue prints that I needed to submit, I also endured solving numbers my entire college life.

Looking back, I actually miss the times when those are my only issues with numbers. When my only responsibility was to get at least half of them right, and come up with good numbers in my report card too. Nothing else.

Amazingly, from test papers to report cards, it made it's way to my pay slips and bills. These bills made me I realize that I need to reconsider my way of dealing with numbers once and for all.

If before an envelope left in the mail box bearing my name is a delight, now I almost dread looking at those unpicked envelopes in that box. Anything that has my name on it means I have to grab a calculator and start counting once more.

I wish I'd wake up one day without having to worry about the numbers on my bills again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Power Outage and Global Warming.


Wala lang, ndi makatulog eh...ang init!"

That's a text message that I received from an officemate today. It came right after I was denied of my REM sleep; this time not because of a nightmare or my Hyena-yelping neighbors, but also because of the heat! Worse, I realize that there's a power outage. No means of ventilation-add that to the agony I had to endure.

I hurried to the nearest mall. Thanks to Henry Sy for his air conditioned structures. I understand now that they're the most inexpensive solution to every Pinoy's struggle to beat the heat. I stayed there for over an hour until a neighbor texted me the good news.

"May ilaw na."

This reminds me of a friend who dreads brownouts. He stayed in the US for years that when he decided to finally come home, he chose to live in Baguio. He couldn't bear the hot weather here in Manila anymore. He use to whine about the power outages, which during the rainy season, would occur almost every week. He would tell me that brownouts never happen in the US, a.k.a "Walang ganyan sa states!" Something I considered an overstatement until the NY brownout that made headlines in 2004.

Anyway, I am here back in my room. Trying to keep my cool despite having been deprived of my sleep, and waiting for American Idol to start.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Susan Boyle

I ignored the announcement on this at the main page of Yahoo this morning. Later on, I was channel surfing when I saw it being played on TV. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to watch the whole video. 2 million views in 2 days? I can't help but post it here. The embedding part was disabled though, you must click on the link below to view it. I was moved by this, really... I've seen it for 10 times, and counting.


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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Observing the Lenten Season...

I am not very religious, but Holy Week reminds me of home. I miss the excrutiatingly long prayers, scheduled masses to hear, processions under the hot summer sun.
Things that I wish to experience again.

Blessed Holy Week to everyone.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was drinking with some friends slash housemates the other day. They live next door, just opposite my room. Well, we all got drunk and fell asleep. I got awakened by the sound of my phone alarm. It's 11pm, I'm late!

Still very dizzy, I ran to my room and surprised to see the door wide open. I realized, I forgot to close my door! I knew it, I didn't close my door. The first thing that came to my mind?

Yung laptop ko!!!!

I didn't even want to check if my laptop is still there.
I swear, I learned how to pray again.

To my nightmare, it's gone!!! I don't want to know how they broke the lock, but it's gone!


It's almost midnight, should I call my landlord?!? The police? Barangay tanod? I was trying really hard not to panic. My last resort? Miracle! I asked God for a miracle.

It must be just another nightmare, and I want to wake up.

Nagising ako. Checked the time: 8PM pa lang.
Panaginip lang pala. Amf!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paano mamahalin ang isang bagay na ayaw mong gawin?

If there's one thing that separates me from other employees especially those who are working in the call center industry, that's my reluctance to get promoted. I just don't see myself pursuing a long term career in a call center.

A few weeks ago, my immediate supervisor, without my knowledge, endorsed me for a higher position. I was surprised when they called me for the initial interview. I humbly begged off. Two weeks later, I was asked to reconsider the offer. I though it would be too much to decline again, so with an assurance that I could quit anytime within a certain period of doing the job, I finally said yes.

I have been here for a week now, and I am so ready to quit.

Waaaaaaaah!!! Ano gagawin ko?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Raw Talent

Love the lyrics. This kid can sing!

But wait, have you heard of the Aeta boy singing ala-Rihanna?