• Numbers

    When did I start having problems with numbers?

    For as long as I could remember.

    During preschool, missing a number between 1-100 was one of my worries. Back then, being able to count all hundred of them is a sign of uhm...intelligence. Enough to make a parent very proud.

    I swear, mathematics is a subject I would have loved not to take in school if only that was possible. One of the reasons why I decided to enroll Architecture is because of the idea that I won't be encountering the X's and the Y's again. I got depressed when I saw the curriculum. Aside from the tons of drawing papers and blue prints that I needed to submit, I also endured solving numbers my entire college life.

    Looking back, I actually miss the times when those are my only issues with numbers. When my only responsibility was to get at least half of them right, and come up with good numbers in my report card too. Nothing else.

    Amazingly, from test papers to report cards, it made it's way to my pay slips and bills. These bills made me I realize that I need to reconsider my way of dealing with numbers once and for all.

    If before an envelope left in the mail box bearing my name is a delight, now I almost dread looking at those unpicked envelopes in that box. Anything that has my name on it means I have to grab a calculator and start counting once more.

    I wish I'd wake up one day without having to worry about the numbers on my bills again.


    1. r-yo said...

      ha ha. ako din takot sa numbers. pero ang tadhana, maloko. tingnan mo, dinala ako sa bangko. :-)

    2. lucas said...

      i suck at dealing with numbers. elem at HS. buti konti na lang pagdating noong collge...

      para sa walang pera, hindi problema ang magbilang. haha! :P peace out!

      i see hindi ka fan ni matt. sino ang bet mong manalo?

    3. Reyn said...

      numbers. love 'em.

    4. Honney said...

      God, I hate numbers. I hate math. I hate everything that has something to do with numbers. That's why I took up Mass Comm. That course had only two math subjects during my time - statistics and algebra. Haha!

      Ely, hindi ka nag-iisa! :-)

      Btw, salamat sa advice. I totally appreciate it. See you at work.

    5. olan said...

      hahaha... di ako takot sa number pero i have time promts lang 11:11. alam mo yan????

    6. Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

      Hehe! Ganun ba?

      Kasama na buhay ang numbers....

    7. The Scud said...

      i lived and breathed numbers in college. hehe. ayos lang yan ely. basta may calculator ka you're safe. :-D

    8. Millionaire@age20 said...

      I hope you'll be strong with numbers. I know You have the power to control it. After all, they are just numbers. hehehe. . .

    9. my-so-called-Quest said...

      i love math... but i hate bills too! hahaha. i pay for my electricity, water and net sa dorm. at binabawas ko na lang sa allowance ko. kaya walang pangdate. hahahah

      panu pa kaya kung nagtatrabaho ako? baka di ko kayanin! ahaha

    10. thejournicler said...

      Numbers are just numbers. They're main goal in life is to confuse people like us. But let us not let numbers take over our lives. Let us not let numbers define who we are. And besides, what's really more important are the associations of these numbers to our respective lives and not the numbers themselves.

      In other words...Naguguluhan din ako mga numbers na yan. Haha!

    11. Ely said...

      r-yo, banker? hehe

      lucas, problema pa din kung wala kahit konting bibilangin. hehe.

      ***Danny and Adam.

      Reyn, buti ka pa.

      Honney, pareho kayo ni CC. yun din sabi nya. hehe.

      You're welcome! See you around.

      Olan, 11:11? ano un?

      Lionheart, sabagay nga naman...

      The Scud, ako naman nawalan ng hininga...

      Millionaire@20, you may be right. nice name! Please share ur millions! hehe

      my-so-called-quest, ok lang yan, rich kid ka naman eh. lol.
      may doctor ba na mahirap?

      thejournicler, very well said? :)

    12. reyna elena said...

      numbers? love them. esp yong nakalagay sa paycheck hahaha! at of course bwisit ako pag numbers sa credit card hahaha

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