Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Power Outage and Global Warming.


Wala lang, ndi makatulog eh...ang init!"

That's a text message that I received from an officemate today. It came right after I was denied of my REM sleep; this time not because of a nightmare or my Hyena-yelping neighbors, but also because of the heat! Worse, I realize that there's a power outage. No means of ventilation-add that to the agony I had to endure.

I hurried to the nearest mall. Thanks to Henry Sy for his air conditioned structures. I understand now that they're the most inexpensive solution to every Pinoy's struggle to beat the heat. I stayed there for over an hour until a neighbor texted me the good news.

"May ilaw na."

This reminds me of a friend who dreads brownouts. He stayed in the US for years that when he decided to finally come home, he chose to live in Baguio. He couldn't bear the hot weather here in Manila anymore. He use to whine about the power outages, which during the rainy season, would occur almost every week. He would tell me that brownouts never happen in the US, a.k.a "Walang ganyan sa states!" Something I considered an overstatement until the NY brownout that made headlines in 2004.

Anyway, I am here back in my room. Trying to keep my cool despite having been deprived of my sleep, and waiting for American Idol to start.


The Scud said...

ang init nga ngayon. nasa kalahati pa tayo ng april. dang! and AI! sayang di ko sya mapapanood mamaya. i'll just rely on videos uploaded on the net. :-(

lucas said...

this is good week for anoop. and matt is in trouble i think. i wish allison would take the boot tomorrow..ahehe! :P

Ely said...

The Scud, tatagal pa daw ang tag-init. hehe. May replay sa Qtv sa Sat/Sun, 5pm ata. Sa Starworld, 6pm.

lucas, my prediction: Matt, Anoop (or Chris) and Lil ROunds in the bottom 3. Matt will go home (finally). I've been rooting for Lil since day 1, but she just couldn't deliver, sayang. Si Allison mukhang tatagal pa. Sya na lang pambato ng mga girls. I hope to see Danny and Adam in the finals.

The Scud said...

I didn't like Rounds since Day 1. Hehe. I'm rooting for Gokey and Allen although I think Lambert will win. I'm not as addicted to Idol compared from previous seasons. :-D

my-so-called-Quest said...

hay! sobrang init nga. same thing happens to me. 3 am na ko nakaktulog kasi di ako agad makatulog sa sobrang init! waaah!

rehydrate isa sa panlaban natin ngayung summer!

shurikenstuff said...

Better but the AC or yung affordable na cooler fan ba tawag dun?

Ely said...

The Scud, I'm always addicted. hehe.

my-so-called-twist, buti ka nga naka-aircon eh. hehe

shurikenstuff, hmmm. yah i think cooler fan, ung nilalagyan ng yelo? said...

oo nga.. kagagaling ko nga lang sa mall.. sobrang init kasi.. hehe. i stayed there for 3 hours.. lol

my-so-called-quest said...

tama ba basa ko.. my-so-called-twist? ahahah! di ako nakaaircon. hehe. fan lang ako sa room. hehe! init. sobraaaa!

Ely said..., ako din. no choice dapat lagi sa mall. :)

my-so-called-QUEST! hahaha. sorry pow. TWISTed ata ung utak ko nung tina-type ko yan. LOL. ndi na pd edit. hehehehe

aajao said...

hah. the NY brownout in 2004. or was it 2003? anyway, i was in the east coast when it happend. people were (almost) in panic because of that power outage. lol.

Ely said...

aajao, I believe it's 2004! hehe. kala nila terrorist attack ulit.

Honney said...

Super init nga ngayon! Kami nga sa bahay, todo na ang aircon plus to electric fans ang nakatutok! Minsan pag minalas-malas pa, magba-nrouwnout pa!

Napapagod na ako, Ely!

Honney said...

Ano ba yan, mali-mali spelling ng first comment ko. Paki-delete na lang! Hahaha.


Super init nga ngayon! Kami nga sa bahay, todo na ang aircon plus two electric fans ang nakatutok! Minsan pag minalas-malas pa, magba-brownout pa!

Napapagod na ako, Ely!

Ely said...

Honney, umuulan na! hehe. buti naman, medyo lumamig na konti.

pagod ka na? kaya mo yan, kaw pa. otherwise, madami magkakandarapa na pumalit sa pwesto mo. kaw din. hehehe