Friday, May 1, 2009

From chatting to blogging...

It’s been almost a decade since I acquired my netizenship. My use of the internet has changed over the years..

Back then, chatting was the trend. Email wasn’t really used very often. Remember MIRC? My friends and I use to flock the internet cafes just to get someone from the other side of the globe to chat with (only to find out that they‘re just seated three stations away). I have had at least three usernames. I wonder what happened to MIRC now?

Our university has a 7-storey library building. The Arki books are in the 7th floor. The elevator is not working. It must have been a delight for someone who’s into foot exercise, but for most of us, that was dreadful. Until the internet gave a whole new meaning to the word “research”.

The world wide web has it all. Researching evolved from scanning through the pages of century old 2-inch thick books, to facing a computer monitor and get overloaded with information-all just by clicking. No more climbing up the stairs or deal with the sometimes pesky librarians.

And then came Friendster. Every Filipino netizen has a friendster account. And a Friendster addict may have two or more accounts. I only had two so far. The first one lasted for only about 7 months until some unknown user stole my password. Admit it; before Facebook, which I’m not a fan of by the way, “mag-iinternet ako” means checking your Friendster!

Emailing. It became an extension to our texting. Sending tons of messages to friends everyday. Whether some corny jokes, chain letters, or numerous warnings about the earth’s collision with a meteorite the next day, we’ve forwarded them all.

Finally, I discovered blogging. It was Friendster who introduced me to it. I didn’t even know what a blog is. I just got inspired by some first degree friends who use to update their blogs very frequently. My first post was published in June 21st, 2005. I blogged, once in a blue moon.

Until I discovered Blogger.

And the rest is history.

This is my 200th post.

And before I forgot, happy SECOND anniversary to my good ol’ humble blog!



lucas said...

i'm digging the new banner! cool and green!

congratulations! ako 20 less posts to go before maka 100..hehe!

wala akong facebook. yun na ba uso ngayon? hehehe!


Ely said...

lucas, actually old banner na yan. hehe. yan ung original.

oo, facebook na daw. :)

_ice_ said...

hey.. inom tayo..


electropunk said...

tama si ice^^ tagay na!
ever wondered what happened to mirc? it's still alive i think. ang siste ngayon ay maghahanap ng makakachat sa mirc chatroom tas lipat sa YM.

The Scud said...

buhay pa rin ang mirc. pero di ko na nagagamit. it's still in my desktop though. hehe.

mag-facebook ka na ely! and happy 2nd birthday sa blog mo.


Ely said...

hi ice, papashot ka? hehe

electropunk, talaga? the last time i tried, parang wala ng chatters, about 3-4 yrs ago...LOL

The Scud. thanks! meron pero ndi masyado maayos. dami kc laman at very busy tingnan ung page nila.

aajao said...

happy anni-blog-sary! mabuhay ang mga bloggers! sana maging 10x (at higit pa) pa ang iyong 200 blog posts... :)

Reyn said...

Ely, happy anniversary sa inyo ^_^ hahaha..

malapit na rin akong mag-2 years..halos sabay lang tayo eh..hehe...

Chyng said...

Katuwa, lahat ng sinabe mo ay tama. From MIRC to FS to FB to blogging!

Happy 2nd year sa blog mo!

Ely said...

aajao, thanks! sana nga, hehehe

Reyn, honga! Tnk u din..

Chyng, nakarelate? hehe thanks!

Allen Yuarata said...

I started blogging on October 2006. 2 1/2 years na yung blog ko pero di pa ko umaabot ng 200th post. haha.

Congratulations to your blog says my blog. haha.

Donald Serrano said...

droppin' by...musta nah??? :)

Evil M said...

hehehe... MIRC... those where the days... yeah... MIRC eh.. buhay pa din.. pero kokonti na lang twits anyone?

Ely said...

Allen Yuarata, 2 1/2 years? tumatanda na mga blogs naten, hehe. Thanks for visiting!

Donald Serrano, ok naman pow.

Evil M., Did u mean Twitter? I think I have one. LOL. di ko na-uupdate.

my-so-called-Quest said...

wow congrats sa 200th and 2nd anniv! wooohooo! nasan kaya yung libre ko? hahha

siguro soon malalaos na din ang ym? hehe

Herbs D. said...

happy 200th post mate!

Ely said...

my-so-called-Quest, Herbs D., thank you!

.pOot! said...

congrats! thousand more years to come.