• HTML what?

    I can't believe I actually have the patience for it!

    Like as if my work isn't enough to keep me busy, I found myself shuffling signs, symbols, letters, numbers, characters, HTML.

    See? I've been using my good ol' Blogger template for over two years now. As much as I wanted to modify my blog layout earlier, I just don't have the patience needed to do so, not to mention uninterested to learn how. Obviously, reading dummy guides and tutorials has never gotten in my to-do list.

    Alas! Out of no where, I started digging thru the world wide web for nice templates the other day. I set aside my "today" files and put some of them to "later", and the rest "tommorow". Figuring out how to make all these codes work has become my main concern. Enough with the stressful work related reading, typing, calling, emailing!

    My battle with HTML is sorrowful! I ignored every how-to guides there is. I followed my own trial and error procedure. Hence, it took me hours to finish.

    Actually, it's still unfinished. Perhaps, when (short) free time peeks once again?


    1. aajao said...

      nice, new white look. :)

      pareho tayo pag nagpapalit ng template/layout: trial & error. hahaha!

    2. wanderingcommuter said...

      paturo naman ng HTML tol!

    3. The Scud said...

      im not good in html either. and im in IT! i remember changing my template sometime last year and my sidebar links were deleted. i had to rebuild it from scratch. dang!

    4. Chyng said...

      bravo! new layout! (applause)

    5. reyna elena said...

      NICE!!! hahaha! ang ganda nang layout mo!

    6. Ely said...

      aajao, Thanks! Mas mabilis pag ganun. Kakatamad kasi magbasa. hehehe.

      wanderingcommuter, hehe ndi ko din alam eh, nanghiram lang ako ng mga free dyan tas pinagbali-baliktad ko na lang.

      The Scud, ako din, nawala lahat sa sidebar ko kaya add sila ulit. Back to zero.

      Thanks CHyng!

    7. Ely said...

      reyna elena, thanks!!! hehehe. lumiwanag na.

    8. the donG said...

      at least you're moving. just enough determination and time is needed.

    9. Ely said...

      the DOng, i thought so, especially that I am too lazy to be patient. hehe.

    10. r-yo said...

      ako rin matagal ng gustong mag ayos ng lay-out. pero takot akong sagupain ang mga html heheh

    11. david said...

      Nanibago nga ako pag-open ko last time. Pero maganda siya ha! Nice work ely!

    12. Ely said...

      r-yo, sinagupa ko! ang masama ndi ko nasave ung dati kaya nataranta ako nung ayaw gumana to nung una. hehe

      david, thanks po! wala ka link?

    13. Abaniko said...

      I've been planning to update my template as well but until I still can't find the time and patience.

    14. david said...

      I used to have an account dito sa blogspot pero inalis ko na. My blog is located in multiply pero most of my entries are for my multiply contacts only. May multiply account ka ba?

    15. Ely said...

      Abaniko, i didn't have the patience too. Ginawa ko lang outlet nung nabore ako sa trabaho.

      David, it's http://phototecture.multiply.com/

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