Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life after typhoon Ondoy

Relief operations for all Ondoy victims are still going on.

In times like this, it’s amazing to see Pinoys from around the globe helping and reaching out to our fellowmen who are victims of the said tragedy. Such a commendable act and may God bless everyone who have extended their empathy and helped in their own ways.

I may not be directly affected by what have happened last weekend, but I once mourned for losing a friend due to a tragedy similar to this. It was during typhoon Feria’s wrath in 2001, killing hundreds of people including my very good friend, her mother, three of her siblings and her cousin. My friend and her mom’s bodies were never found. May they rest in peace.

These are the times when we wish we could do more. I just hope I was able to contribute something, even just a little, through my blogging.

As a side note, I was one of the Facebook members who saw Jacque Bermejo’s comments. Just like most of us, I was also enraged and after making some verifications, I posted this entry. Of course I also doubted if this is real as it could be a case of another (alleged) Facebook hacking like this (warning: explicit content!). Anyway, whether this comment came from the real Jacque or not, it is something that no one would want to hear at these times.

Moving on, I am happy to hear that my officemates, friends and fellow bloggers who are from Marikina, Pasig and Rizal are safe. Their numbers were also “cannot be reach” last weekend which has left me worrying for a few days.

I hope and pray that everyone’s doing fine now. It's difficult to move on, but as what
Mahalia said, "should misery come, it will not claim me".


Belated happy happy birthday to my sister who happen to have celebrated her birthday last September 26th. Cheers!!!



Ronikage said...

my sister also celebrated her bday last 26th. she's abroad. i was suppose to write a blog entry for her pero parang di ko kayang magsulat that day... i do hope the coming typhoons will be kinder.

Ely said...

Ronikage, me too! Nasa abroad din ate ko. Bigla kc dumating si Ondoy, tuloy nakalimutan ko greet ate ko sa birthday nya. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need to go out and try to help ondoy victims fast.

lucas said...

wow... if she still wants to live, she better stay away from here. tsk.

what a b%^&%!

Ronnie said...

wow! what a coincidence. i was planning to write a makabagbag damdaming entry sana for her pero dahil sa bagyo ang tanging nagaw ko ay i greet sya sa facebook. waa.

malamig na ang simoy ng hangin dito sa amin. nagbabadya si pepeng... be safe.

Ely said...

@lucas, nasa ibang post ata ung comment mo? hehehe.

@Ronnie, ako din, in-email ko na lang siya.

Naku, parating na nga daw si pepeng, San na po ulit sa inyo?

Mahalia said...

Ely, Thanks for the mention. Hope the post inspired a lot of people to look inside all of us and survive. It's good to know you're ok.

Ely said...

Mahalia, thank u and you're welcome! ganda ng poem mo... :)