Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's pray and help Northern Luzon... too.

After typhoon Ondoy, typhoon Pepeng is overstaying,

in Nothern Luzon.

He spared Metro Manila, but not the north.

Some barangays in Baguo are sinking. Main roads have been closed due to landslides. The city is now isolated.

Farms and rice fields in Cagayan are still under water.

Some 1000 people are trapped inside SM Rosales in Pangasinan. 60% of the province is flooded.

My friend and her family, and many others, in La Union have evacuated due to flooding too.

No vehicle can enter Vigan and Abra now. Roads have been closed.

I can't contact my family in Ilocos Sur today, the last news I received; half of our town is flooded.

What's happening to the Philippines?

I always believe that God listens everytime I pray not for me, but for others. I ask for His guidance and help in keeping our families, friends and love ones safe...



moonsparks said...

ely, sa amin nga din sa pangasinan... and the problem is that water level in the san roque dam continues to rise kaya patuloy din ang pagpapakawala ng tubig. nasa 70% na daw ng probinsiya ang lubog sa baha.

i'm with you in praying for everyone's safety.

reyna elena said...

kagigizing ko lang Ely and ang unang nakita ko was Burnham Park ba yon na lubog sa tubig?!

anak nang leche! kelan ba binaha ang Baguio City?!

Ronnie said...

God is definitely saying something... i hope those concerned hears it. kasama na tayo dun.

tim said...

happy to see people who were concern about others.. God bless you!!