Sunday, October 11, 2009

What do I know about Quality Assurance?

I’m about to start a new task at work. I never really expected to get here, not this far. But I thought this is a better option rather than to give my own contribution to the already high unemployment rate of the Philippines.

I was so prepared to answer the above question during the interview but I was kinda disappointed that it was never asked. The interview was quick, not very easy but I managed to pull it off despite my endless obvious fidgeting. Believe me, my nerves seem to get really controllable and steady only when I am holding a camera.

Despite some doubts, I believe I am ready. I just wanna grab every opportunity that comes my way at this point. I also want to believe that everything happens for a reason. Although I feel lost and that I once thought of going back and start all over again, I decided to just keep moving.

And I won’t stop believing.

Now, what do I know about quality assurance again?

Let me do it.



Ronnie said...

an early congratulations to you bro! *clap clap clap*

Ely said...

Thanks Ronnie!

alkapon said...

I wish you luck for you job as QA, just try your best and you will succeed.

Nice blog, i'm a new blogger from malabon, i want to include your site on my blogroll.

Good luck bro.

the donG said...

ey good luck! i used to be a QA engineer but in manufacturing company.

Chyng said...

Sang company yan, gusto ko na lumipat? ;D

Ely said...

Hi Alkapon, thank you. I'm adding you here too.

the donG, thanks! QA Engineer? Wow!

Chyng, Huwag, baka mawalan ako ng pwesto. hehehe

alkapon said...

Ely, naka add ka na sa blogroll ko..

napadaan lang ulit para magparamdam.. he he he