Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not a fan of PBB


Everything has become so predictable, most of the housemates are uninteresting, and I don't like how being true to one's self is being portrayed here. Showing your true colors doesn't always have to be about how ugly you are in the inside, right?

And am I the only one who thinks that Kuya's voice has become so annoying?



iRonnie said...

wala pa akong napapanood ni isang episode ng pbb this season and im not planning to catch any.

i hate the show, i hate kuya playing God, and i hate housemates giving out reasons like "nagpapakatotoo lang naman po ako" for behaving badly.

the donG said...

i like survivor.

Fire said...

never akong nag ka interest sa show na yan..


_ice_ said...

I hate PBB, oo nakakainis ang boses ni Kuya.. OA na masyado..

fufu said...

what is pbb? well survivor is great!

Ely said...

@iRonnie, I agree, I hate the "nagpapakatotoo" excuse.

@the donG, i don't watch that either...

@Fire, ung pinakafirst edition lang napanood ko.

@ice, ndi lang pla ako naiirita sa boses nya. hehehe

@fufu, Pinoy Big Brother, Filipino version of the show.

theNOTcrack said...

same here. halatang pinagkakaperahan lang sila ng abs.