Saturday, November 7, 2009

UFOs visited our farm!!!

Like as if work is not enough to keep me busy, I still find time to put my farming skills to good use.

I've once again learned how to plow land, get may hands dirty, plant and grow crops and harvest them! Sounds like fun!

In fact I carefully laid a masterplan for my farm and proudly showed it to everyone. Look, even the UFOs were impressed they actually paid me a visit.

They left crop circles!

Well, how I wish the real thing could be as easy and fun as this.

But being a farm boy myself, I tell you, the time and energy that one spend in planting, growing and harvesting crops virtually is not even a light years close to reality.



the donG said...

hahahaha... funny how these farm games add new things for the fans. though ive never got engaged in playing any of those fb games. i overhear it everyday.

r-yo said...

id really not try venturing into farmville. andami nang na adik! heheh

erictbk said...

woah, im impressed with ur farm..