Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We almost made it there two years ago.

When I was invited to join this team, I immediately said yes. Besides, I've been enjoying hanging out lately, moving, just being anywhere.

Tired, sleepless and stressed, we left Manila at exactly 11AM. We arrived in Zambales at about 3PM. We planned to spend the night in tents at Anawangin, but it was 7PM and dinner hasn't been served yet. We decided to stay in Pundaquit and just leave early the next day.

Spent the night drinking...

We left Pundaquit the next morning. By boat, Anawangin is just 30 minutes away.

What can I say? The place is indeed a...



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Idol

I can’t believe I missed the audition part. Where have I been?!?

I am still a huge fan of the show though. Yes, despite the fact that Paula is not there anymore and I am not really liking Kara. I’m still trying to get use to Ellen’s presence but as early as now I think I’m gonna like her more.

Since I didn’t see any of the January episodes, I don’t have a list of favorites yet. I can’t wait for the final cut next week! Looks like I'm back to my normal TV indulgence.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twin Falls Kalayaan Laguna

San Juan, Kalayaan, Laguna

I don't know if it's deja vu, but the moment I set foot in this small town, I felt like I've been here once. Can't remember when or how, but I considered this place very special.

How to get there:

From Manila, you can take a bus going to Sta. Cruz. You can just get in to one of those Laguna-bound buses along EDSA or go to the HM Bus terminal in Cubao (near Victory). That's about 3 hours ride, depends on the traffic.

From the HM Bus terminal in Sta. Cruz, ride a jeepney going to Paete. Kalayaan is just about 20-30 minutes away from Sta. Cruz. Just tell the driver to drop you off along San Juan. San Juan is one of the Barangays of Kalayaan. Consider the church seen on the picture below as a landmark. The road going up to where the falls is, is near this church.

From the road in San Juan, look for a tricycle to take you to the falls, you'll get there in 5 minutes. You may walk (the road going up) if you want. Have fun!

View from the front of the church.

The pool.

The "second" falls just near the pool.

The "first" falls located a few steps above the one near the pool.

OK. So, falls seems to be my blog's current theme. I am a nature lover and places like this "heals" me. The falls by the way is sometimes called, TWINS FALLS.