• Anawangin

    We almost made it there two years ago.

    When I was invited to join this team, I immediately said yes. Besides, I've been enjoying hanging out lately, moving, just being anywhere.

    Tired, sleepless and stressed, we left Manila at exactly 11AM. We arrived in Zambales at about 3PM. We planned to spend the night in tents at Anawangin, but it was 7PM and dinner hasn't been served yet. We decided to stay in Pundaquit and just leave early the next day.

    Spent the night drinking...

    We left Pundaquit the next morning. By boat, Anawangin is just 30 minutes away.

    What can I say? The place is indeed a...




    1. reyna elena said...

      reminded me of my newphew's pictures of the place when they went there. he asked me to post them in B7 and i forgot. nakakainggit kayo hehehe! i love the pictures, yung "iba" ninakaw ko hehehe

    2. david said...

      Off topic; Ely, can i just say, I love your vest/hoodie/shirt or whatever it is you're wearing on your pictures, hehe! Matagal na ako naghahanap ng ganyan na walang sleeves just like yours. :)

    3. Anonymous said...
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    4. Ely said...

      @reyna elena, maganda ung place. hopefully it will remain that way, hindi commercialized.

    5. Ely said...

      @david, nakita ko lang sa teens wear dept. hahaha. I think "Tribal" ata ung brand. Will check when I get home.

    6. Anonymous said...
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    7. Chyng said...

      Yeah I like Anawangin too. Sana you visited NAgsasa also, 1 hour from Anawangin. the place is less crowded, at mas malinis. Ü

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