• My precious

    I can't believe I've been too careless;

    I dropped my camera!

    It's still intact, no cracks, but it won't focus anymore which is understandable - dropping it from 7 feet above to a concrete floor is a no joke.

    It was my first even digital camera. A point and shoot which takes great pictures comparable to that of a DSLR. I just can't be anywhere without it! I know I couldn't find any other point and shoot camera better than this.

    I'm thinking, should I get a DSLR?!?



    1. Ronnie said...

      normally people will suggest that you go get a dslr because it is better than any point and shoot. but let me remind you that they are also more expensive, heavier and bulkier, and sooner or later you'll want different lenses.

      if you cant be anywhere w/o a camera, you might have some problem carrying the dslr.

    2. wanderingcommuter said...

      ouch. perhaps its really a sign for you to get a new slr... hehehe

    3. aajao said...

      akala ko DSLR na yung ginagamit mo. naks, compliment yan. pero seriously, akala ko talaga.

    4. the donG said...

      get a dslr when you're really into photography. if not, best yet to maximize the capabilities of a point and shoot. sad to know this.

    5. Dakilang Islander said...

      dslr if you decide to be serious in photography otherwise marami ng point and shoot na maganda ang kuha...

    6. lucas said...

      i have seen your photoblog and i am quite surprised na hindi pala SLR ang gamit mo. Grool! hehe!

      i think you should. ako nga eh yun ang pangarap kong bilihin kahit na wala akong alam sa photography.

    7. Ely said...

      @Ronnie, thanks for the advice. Gusto ko nabubulsa lang so I still prefer a point and shoot.

      @wanderingcommuter, perhaps? Pero mahal ko pa din ung dati! Parang love lang yan...hehehe

      @aajao, THANKS!!!

      @the donG, I am. It's my dream to be a pro; hindi ko nga lang afford pa right now.

    8. Ely said...

      @Dakilang Islander, Yup, mine was great... BTW, haba na ng lens naten ah! hehehe.

      @lucas, thanks!!! another compliment. hehe. I am still trying to decide kung ano bibilhin...

    9. fufu said...

      hahaha... i wanna get a normal digital camera... cos it's convenient... sometimes just dont wanna bring my dslr out =p

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