Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Island of Camiguin

I wasn’t really fond of the idea of travelling down south. I didn’t know that Camiguin is located in Mindanao . When my friend said that she’s getting a plane ticket for our November trip to Camiguin, I just said yes without really knowing where this island is. I thought it’s in the Visayas area, even after seeing images of their tourist’s spots.

We left last Friday. Our scheduled flight at 8:30AM was delayed for 30 minutes. We arrived at the Cagayan De Oro airport at around 10:15AM. I can’t believe I just set foot in Mindanao .

While on our way to the CDO port, we can't help but jokingly ask the driver: How far is Basilan? Taga-saan po ulit mga Ampatuan? Wala naman po Abu-Sayaff dito? LOL. Apologies for our ignorance!

We arrived at the CDO port two hours later. We waited for a ferry for about 15 minutes, and finally arrived at Camiguin after about another hour. It’s almost 4PM; that completes our 7-hour travel time.

Camiguin Highland Resort is literally located in a mountain. The view from the hotel is breathtaking.

Checking in:

The pool:

First destination: The famous White Island.

The sunken cemetery:

Soda Pool:

Cold Spring:

Ruins of century old structures:

Ardent Hot Spring:

Katibawasan Falls:

Camiguin Church:

Horseback Riding:

They say, Camiguin means "come again". I had a great time and I enjoyed the trip, but I don't know if I'd ever set foot to this island again.

Next stop, the place where my heart is - Baguio!


footiam said...

Nice! You always have a jolly good time, don't you?

Ely said...

Yes! hehehe

dong ho said...

saya ng byahe lalo nat masaya ang kasama at maganda ang lugar.

Ely said...

@dong ho, agree! San ang next lakad nyo?

Camiguin Hiighland Resort said...

Wow! Definitely how to enjoy vacation at Camiguin!