Monday, December 27, 2010

All I want for 2011 is...


Hehe. Kidding aside, I look forward to a brighter year. With all the troubles that I've been through, 2010 was not a good year for me. I have nevertheless learned a lot of lessons which make me believe that everything just happened for a reason - blessings in disguise. I pray for more blessings to come this 2011, at work and at home, and I wish the same thing for my friends and family.

I'm positive that God has something great in store for me next year! He's such a genius to have prepared me really well. No more tears, no more heartaches, no more emo moments! :)

Happy New Year! Cheers!!!



aajao said...

happy new year to you, Eli! I'm glad to have met you in the big world of blogosphere. :)

Ely said...

@aajao, same here. Asan na ung calendar ko? hehehe. Happy New Year!!