Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friendster is deleting my account?

Yes, I still have a Friendster account. But wait, by May 31, 2011, all my Friendster photos, testimonials, messages and blog posts will vanish... forever! This is part of the suppose upgrade that Friendster is doing. Nope, they won't delete our accounts. We can still login after and view our empty profiles.

My account (the second and last), was created in October 2004. The first one was made six months earlier until some internet cafe user stole my password. Well, my Friendster contains quite a number of memories. Not really the old photos (which I've actually deleted a long time ago), but I value the messages and testimonials more. Imagine reading a friend's message six years ago and someone's impression on you back then? :)

Anyway, I just moved my Friendster photos to Multiply. How to do that? Just look for the Friendster Exporter app when you login to your account. You can transfer all your photos to Multiply or Flickr.

With Facebook now dominating the social networking community, I guess, this is Friendster's first step to saying bye-bye...


dong ho said...

cant even remember when i last checked my account. i hope something better will come out of this new plan.

aajao said...

wow. on my part, i have deleted my Friendster account a loooong time ago when i got active in FB. i'm still considering to vanish in the online world. di ko lang alam kung paano gagawin yun at kung anu-ano ang uunahin kong i-delete o i-inactivate.

mas tahimik at simple kase ang buhay sa real world.