Monday, April 18, 2011


My first try at getting a hosted site has been a disaster. I never thought it would be this stressful.

During my first week, the server went down and restored only about three days.

Everything went well for the past three weeks. For some reasons, I got inspired to post an entry daily. I loved my entries. I had my settings changed so that a backup is sent to my email everyday.

Today, I wake up to find out that my site has been hacked. I'm sure that's a blogger's worst nightmare. I asked for help from my host but they can't do anything either. The backups are not of any use at all. They advised me to start from scratch. I gave up.


aajao said...

ay. bakit ganun yung host mo? talo! balik-pera dapat ito.

Ely said...

Honga eh. Finally naayos na. Sana ndi na maulit, ulit. :(