Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Winner

If Jovit Balvidino was the clear front runner during the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent, there seem to be no act this season that could match his popularity. I thought it's gonna be a close fight between Buildex Pagales and Marcelito Pomoy, but based from all the performances that we saw during the grand finals last night, there are at least 5 other strong contenders for the top spot.

Last year, I made a list and declared Jovit as my winner. I was right.

Here's my wild prediction for this year. My formula is the same: talent+popularity+sympathy votes+Pinoy mentality = the Winner!


1. Marcelito Pomoy
- If we pick a winner based from the number of views of the contestant's YouTube video, Marcelito will surely be bringing home that huge check. Last night, he showed that he can sing both as a male and, err, female. 

2. NeilBeth - Second place? Just a wild guess. They look amazing on stage. I thought I was watching So You Think You Can Dance!

3. Rico the Magician - He's got a huge number of supporters. I won't be surprised if he'll end up winning it all tonight.

4. Buildex Pagales - Now known as Bruno Earth (did you know that Bruno Earth was trending in Twitter worldwide last night?). I agree with Mr. FMG when he said that Buildex is the Jovit Baldivino of this season when comes to the number of supporters. Buildex earns the votes of his mostly screaming girls fans.

5. Angel Calalas - She was so good during the semi-finals, better than last night. She is nevertheless talented and very beautiful. And she seem to be really humble. I expect to see her in the top 5.

6. Happy Feet - My sentimental favorite. Their story is so touching and so genuine. I hope they'd place high. For guys to dance like that even without a professional training at tap dancing, they define raw talent.

7. Jem - Is he the one from Cebu? If the whole of Cebu is voting for him, then he might give Marcelito a ran for his money.

8. Freestylers - They are good dancers but fans seem to prefer acts of smaller groups. That was a strong act they showed us last night, but text votes? Not a very strong contender.

9. Madrigal Siblings - Ok. I didn't like them at first but their performance last night is phenomenal. But the fact that voters chose the magician over them during the semis, I don't think they'd place higher than Rico tonight.

10. John - The pride of Pangasinan. No further comment.

11. DJP - So pretty and so talented. ABS-CBN will surely keep them as talents.

12.Skeights - Nothing special.

13th and 14th place: B4 and Filogram
- The problem is that we always get to see two representatives from Baguio every season. The Baguio votes are therefore divided, so I don't think these guys will bring home that big check up to the City of Pines.

Anxiously waiting for the results. Good luck to the 14 finalists!

Update: Freestylers is a surprise! What happened to NeilBeth and Mang Rico? Anyway, I'm so glad Marcelito won, I got it right again this time.
But I was even more excited to learn that Happy Feet placed second! Congratulations!!!

Official Results:
Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Champion: MARCELITO
Second Place: HAPPY FEET

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