Friday, June 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 5

I got my Samsung Galaxy 5 last December. It's quite cheap compared to most smart phones in the market. But I love it! It has everything I need.

Except for one thing: it gets detected every time I passed by the sensors of the stores where I shop. It's quite embarrassing especially when I'm alone. I first experienced it when I entered this shop in Megamall with my phone in my pocket. I was surprised when the alarm went off. I wasn't carrying anything, not a shopping bag, and when the guard discovered I had this phone, he realized it must be it. To check, I went in and out of the store, with and without my phone at hand, and he's right! Without the phone - no alarms!

Since then, I would hold my phone and raise my hands up when I enter a store. It's funny and still embarrassing to hear the alarm going off if I don't get to raise my hands high enough for my phone not to be detected. 

Anyone experienced the same???

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