Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taytay Falls Once More

I got to see Taytay falls January of last year (click here for the story), so when I learned about Dalitiwan Resort, also in Majayjay, I said yes to my friend's invitation to go there last weekend.

We left Manila at around 4PM. It's quite late already, and the heavy traffic from Calamba to Los Banos is not a surprise. We were in Sta. Cruz at around 7:30PM. For 350 pesos, we hired a tricycle to bring us to Dalitiwan Resort. It was raining and my pants were already soaked wet when we arrived at the resort more than an hour later. I got so tired that I fell asleep immediately after dinner.

The next morning, we tested the cold waters running along the resort.

We decided to visit Taytay Falls, it's still about 20 minutes away.
en route to the falls

The water here is (still) twice as cold!


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