• They Use to Visit my Blog

    I've been blogging since 2005 (skip that if you've already read about it here, many times). Yes, it started with Friendster - did you also try blogging with them? LOL.

    Two years later, I discovered Blogspot/Blogger. And so this blog was born.

    That time, I didn't know anything about the blogosphere yet, terms like "x-links" were all jargon to me. But within weeks, I started adding people in my side bar - check it out, the very long list is still there.

    I became a regular visitor to these blogs, leaving comments on any topic that I find interesting. In return, they've visited and commented on my blog too. The exchanged of visits and comments went on for about two years. After that, only a few remained. Perhaps, everyone has got a good number of followers already, so we they don't need to blog hop anymore.

    This post is dedicated to all those who have been here before, and vanished...

    Of course, Honney, Aajao, Dong Ho, Ronnie, Reyn, Reyna Elena, Doc Ced and Pusa are excluded as I know you still visit my blog once in a while (after all these years)! Hehe.

    If we have been visiting each other's site before, check your name/URL below:

    1. Vince of vinceleste.com - One of the first comments here came from him. Still very active at blogging.
    2. IvanHarry of angloloniyo.blogspot.com - Ang dakilang Lolo. His last post is dated June 10, 2011.
    3. Eilanna of eilanna.blogspot.com - Also one of the first to leave a comment in my humble blog. Last post: June 25, 2010.
    4. Footiam of steptpg.blogspot.com -He use to visit my photoblog regularly. He's still blogging!
    5. Dorkzter of dexdex.blogspot.com - One of my first readers. He stopped blogging after January 30, 2009.

    6. Abaniko of abaniko.blogspot.com - He bid farewell to his blog in January 29, 2010.
    7. Abou of abouben.blogspot.com - Active pa rin ang blog.
    8. dakilangbayani.blogspot.com - What happened to his site?
    9. Prily of www.prily.blogspot.com - Last update: April 14, 2010
    10. Jep of jepjep.i.ph - No more posts after May 28, 2009.

    11. kingdaddyrich.blogdrive.com - His page has been moved somewhere.
    12. www.krisjasper.com - His page is also already down.
    13. Eric of wanderingcommuter.blogspot.com - Still an active blogger.
    14. Acey of aceychan.blogspot.com - Her blog is still regularly updated.
    15. Undecided21 of i-photograph.blogspot.com - Hindi na rin daw mahanap ni Blogger.

    16. Arjay of roellejohn.blogspot.com - He closed his blog after a year?
    17. Bebsims of bebsisms.blogspot.com, formerly bebsisms.wordpress.com - Direktor na ng mga Indie Films. Congrats!
    18. Chelle - She use to own mybabychanelle.blogspot.com
    19. Compass of compasstoday.blogspot.com - He's still blogging, I guess.
    20. Chres of chressy.blogspot.com - She stopped posting 3 years ago.

    21. Deliciosa of www.crazydeliciousfoods.com - Now a food blogger.
    22. Did You Know of didyouknow.blogsome.com - Last post: January 23, 2010
    23. R-yo of rsandarino.com, formerly rsandarino.blogspot.com - The Islander in the City.
    24. everyadam of k2modify.blogspot.com - Looks like his blog turned in to a magazine.
    25. Iggy of www.vernongo.com - Glad to see he's still actively blogging.

    26. Janus of janus3185.com - His site is already down.
    27. Lalaine of lalaine.gameops.net -Her blog is now exclusive for invited readers only.
    28. Makoy of music.makoyskie.com - Still blogging.
    29. Malditang Pinay of www.maldita12.blogspot.com - Her last entry is dated January 15, 2009.
    30. Normand of www.normandb.com - His last post is, dateless.

    31. Portia of www.portiaspeaking.blogspot.com - She hasn't posted anything after January 2008.
    32. richard24 of janmania.blogspot.com - Is he back or not?
    33. Rio of riotooth.blogspot.com - Also now exclusive to invited readers.
    34. Ruthi of www.ruthinian.com - Still at it!
    35. thesocialcritic of kritiksosyal.blogspot.com - See number 33.

    36. Zeus of rudolfzeus.blogspot.com - He last posted in February 15, 2011.
    37. Yoshke of www.yoshke.com - He's now got a very busy site.
    38. enrico of enricodl.blogspot.com - He also stopped blogging in 2009.
    39. Looking for the source of looking-for-the-source.blogspot.com - No more posts after March 2010.
    40. Dakilang Islander of dakilangbayani.blogspot.com - See number 26.

    41. The Scud of scudinreallife.blogspot.com - He bid goodbye to blogosphere in May 6, 2010.
    42. Alkapon of alkapon78.blogspot.com - Last post: March 29, 2011.
    43. Onatdonuts of onatdonuts.blogspot.com -See number 26.
    44. Ice of sedfre21.blogspot.com - Hiatus mode?
    45. Moonsparks of moonsparks.wordpress.com - Last post: July 4, 2011.

    And looks like the following are in Hiatus mode too:

    46. Neil of onesixthsense.blogspot.com
    47. Olan of www.olanology.com

    I'm glad to still see updates from these blogs:

    48. Lucas of roneilberania.blogspot.com - His writing skills is absolutely... flawless!
    49. Chyng of www.chyngreyes.com - The traveler of the year award goes to you!
    50. Duke of qrs-complex.blogspot.com - 7 blogging years and counting!!!
    51. Fern of tazferian.blogspot.com - Updated.
    52. RJ of chook-mindersquill.blogspot.com - Still blogging from... Australia.

    53. Blogolag of www.blogalag.com/blog - Now a food blogger?
    53. Chuva of chuvachienes.com - Magazine!
    54. Jake of jakedeasis.blogspot.com - He use to give me hairstyle tips.
    55. Dacordyte of dacrocyte.blogspot.com - Still a very busy blogger.
    56. Malen of mynosebleed.com - Nonstop nose-bleeding.

    57. Ambo of pinoyambisyoso.com - Must be the most successful blogger I know!

    The list goes on... Na-miss ko bigla ang mga "x-links" days.

    To everyone, thank you so much for having been part of my blogging life. Apologies to those whose blog I forgot to include on the list. Many more blogging years for us all! Cheers!!!

    Ain't Watching X-Factor USA Until Astro is OUT!

    I can't believe the next Kanye is still in the show. He should have been sent home two weeks ago.

    I am still rooting for Josh Krajcik  and Drew - with the latter as my winner! Watch:

    I love the debate between Simon and L.A. Reid at the end! LOL

    Panabenga 2012 Shedule

    I didn't make it last February, so I am quite excited to be in Baguio this 2012 for the Panagbenga Flower Festival (note: it's PAnagbenga not PInagbenga). I was a Baguio resident for 8 years, so I have always been in attendance in the past.

    My favorite part is when Session road is closed for at least a week (imagine outdoor dining, street foods, souvenir shops, street partying, etc. etc.!) If you love all of these, make sure to be there on February 27- March 4, 2012.

    The 2012 Panagbenga Baguio Flower Festival Schedule:

    Panagbenga 2012 Launch and Concert     November 14, 2011

    Panagbenga Opening Parade                    February 1, 2012

    Market Encounter                                        February 1- March 4, 2012

    Let a Thousand Flower Bloom                    February 11, 2012

    Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio           February 12, 2012

    Fluvial Float Parade                                   February 12, 2012

    Chinese Spring Festival                             February 21, 2012

    Grand Street Dancing Parade                   February 25, 2012

    Grand Float Parade                                   February 26, 2012

    Session Road in Bloom                             February 27- March 4, 2012

    Pony Boy's Day                                         March 2, 2012

    Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies             March 4
     and Grand Fireworks Display

    End Impunity: NUJP's Countdown to Ampatuan Massacre's Second Anniversary

    Two years and still no justice: A call to bloggers, Twitter users and social media activists

    by End Impunity: NUJP's Countdown to Ampatuan Massacre's Second Anniversary

    On November 21, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, in cooperation with other media groups, is launching a Blog Action Day in connection with our commemoration of the second anniversary of the November 23, 2009 Ampatuan massacre and the first International Day to End Impunity.

    As today, only two Ampatuans have been arraigned. Only 93 of the 196 accused have been arrested. Prosecution and defense lawyers have listed 300 and 320 witnesses, respectively, which, according to Senator Joker Arroyo, a veteran human rights lawyer and courtroom litigator, may take 200 years to present.

    Meanwhile, the families of the 58 victims continue to suffer from the loss of their loved ones, most of whom were family breadwinners. Some of the children continue to innocently wait in vain for their murdered parents to come home.

    On this day, we would like to invite all of you to use the power of communication and the Internet to speak out for justice and against the continued impunity with which those who wish to suppress freedom of expression impose the ultimate censorship – death – and how the apathy and inaction of government has made this so.

    Let this be the start of a meaningful partnership as we forge onward together to realize the full expression of our rights and freedoms as communicators and as citizens of our country.

    Below are some links that provide background information on the Ampatuan massacre and current status of the 57 counts of murder filed against the 196 accused:

    “End Impunity: NUJP’s countdown to the Ampatuan Massacre’s second Anniversary” on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/End-Impunity-NUJPs-Countdown-to-Ampatuan-Massacres-Second-Anniversary/199834376758733)

    NUJP (@nujp) on Twitter (http://twitter.com/nujp)

    NUJP on Tumblr  which features artworks of children of the victims of the massacre and other media killings. These artworks express how they are coping with the death of their slain parents (http://nujp.tumblr.com/).

    Let’s do our share in not forgetting the fallen victims of the Ampatuan Massacre.


    Rowena C. Paraan

    Secretary General

    Nestor Burgos

    Excellent Analysis of the recent Pacquiao-Marquez Fight!

    Was Juan Manuel Marquez robbed? Here's a very interesting analysis from Bryan Armen Graham of Sports Illustrated:

    It was close.

    That much everyone can agree on.

    Manny Pacquiao beat back an improbable, heroic effort from an aging champion to retain his WBO welterweight championship on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, eking out a majority decision over the magnificent Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight that was just as close as their previous two ring wars. In doing so, he narrowly avoided a seismic upset.

    One ringside judge scored it 114-114, with the other two giving it to Pacquiao at 115-113 and 116-114. SI.com had it 114-114.

    Call it a lot of things, but don't call it a robbery.

    A heavily pro-Marquez crowd rained boos on the floor after Michael Buffer's announcement of the outcome, hurling bottles and cans toward the ring -- a far more vehement reaction than Floyd Mayweather experienced after his ungentlemanly knockout of Victor Ortiz in the same room just two months ago.

    But the outcry was not commensurate to the injustice.

    Yes, most of the media at ringside scored it a draw or a narrow victory for Marquez. But most of the rounds were very close. How close? Not once after the sixth did all three judges score a single round the same way.

    Fact is, Saturday's fight could have gone either way. There have been far more egregious iniquities in boxing -- this year alone.

    Marquez (53-6-1, 39 KOs), a 7-to-1 underdog who'd appeared vastly out of his depth in his only previous fight above lightweight, looked better than anyone expected from the opening bell, staying away from Pacquiao's power in the early rounds and peppering him with well-timed counterpunches. The Filipino champion had trouble getting inside and landing shots, finding his hyperkinetic flurries thwarted regardless of his tack or pace. Marquez even managed to rock Pacquiao several times, most notably by gigantic right hands in the fourth, fifth and seventh.

    During those the middle rounds Pacquiao was as apprehensive as he's looked in years, wary of the counters, as confounded by the Marquez riddle as he was when they met at featherweight in 2004 and super featherweight in '08. (They fought Saturday at a catchweight of 144, or 14 pounds above their most recent fight.) He was doing enough to bank a few rounds and keep the Mexican challenger from running out too far ahead, but it was clear the more disciplined Marquez was in control. After nine rounds, the fight was there for Marquez to take.

    And then he took his foot off the gas.

    So you can say what you want about Saturday's result, but Marquez can only blame himself. All three judges scored two of the last three rounds for Pacquiao -- and SI.com gave him all three.
    Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) showed great heart, and an even greater chin, to absorb Marquez's best shots and keep moving forward through the first three-quarters for the fight. Then as the reality of his 38 years became manifest -- as the Mexican's crisp, exquisite combinations began to lose their bite -- it was the 32-year-old Pacquiao's superior finishing kick that made the difference.

    "The fight was there for there for Marquez," Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach said. "But he chose to stay in that counterpunching mode and not come forward, and if I'm going to give a close round to someone I'm going to give it to the aggressor."

    Throughout the buildup to Saturday's fight, Pacquiao had talked endlessly about the desire for a definitive conclusion to a trilogy that's now spanned 36 rounds over seven years and three weight classes. This was not that.

    Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum was first to float the idea of a fourth installment for May, a reality even Roach grudgingly agreed with.

    "It's a fight I kind of don't want to do again, but I think we have to," Roach said. "He's given us problems three times now and he's very good at what he does. He deserves a rematch."

    For now, it appears the dream of a megafight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is on hold. If Pacquiao had this much trouble with Marquez's counterpunching, how could he expect to fare against a guy who's almost identical stylistically, only bigger and faster and far closer to his prime?

    "Commercially speaking it will be huge fight," Marquez said through an interpreter. "But boxing is about styles, and the style of Mayweather will get very complicated for Pacquiao."

    The workmanlike Marquez will never run for president. He'll never star in an action movie or cut a gold record or make Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people. He will never have his own branded hand sanitizer or cologne like Pacquiao (both of which were available Saturday at the merch stand, for $5 and $50, respectively).

    But he will always have Pacquiao's number, the Ken Norton to Manny's Ali.

    "I have to accept that it's not too easy to fight Marquez," Pacquiao said. "He's always backing off, he's waiting for me to create action. It's not easy."

    Someone from Beverly Hills, California is frequenting my new blog

    I’ve been getting lots of clicks from this visitor since last month. S/he visits my new blog at least five times a week, and when s/he does, s/he clicks on the links leading to my other posts. I don’t know if s/he actually reads them as s/he seem to open at least 20 entries in one minute! Strange. Is s/he a spammer? If yes, why isn’t s/he leaving spam comments? 
    Regretfully, I couldn’t tell his/her identity. The only think I know, as per Feedjit, is that s/he uses Internet Explorer and that s/he is located in Beverly Hills , California , U.S. of A! 

    Ang speech ni Ramona

    Natawa talaga ako sa video ni Ramona. Peyk na peyk. Hindi ko alam kung maawa ako sa kanya o maiinis. Sana hindi na lang siya nagsalita at may pa-video video pa siyang nalalaman. May scene na nagpupunas siya ng kung ano sa mata, yun pala kunyari nagpapahid ng luha pero wala namang tears. Yung point na dapat takot na takot siya at kunyari na-shock, kumunot lang ng konti ang kanyang noo. Ano yun? Parang audition video ito para sa isang drama/thriller movie na ibabasura lang alter 5 seconds kasi hindi kakikitaan ng acting talent. Sana nag-enrol muna siya sa isang acting school.

    See it for yourself: