Friday, November 16, 2007


I was about to tag her on a previous post when Honney tagged me with this. It took me quite awhile to do it because showing my wallet to the World Wide Web would be the last thing I’d like to do, but I’m posting this though.

Old and worn out, it's a Christmas gift from my cousin Angela n years ago. I’m not into accessories so I never thought of buying a new one. Showing what’s inside:

  • Old and new ATM cards. Two personal, two from previous employment, two of my mom’s
  • Medicard
  • Credit Card
  • Company badge
  • Philhealth and BIR ID’s, some ID’s from a review center and previous job
  • bunch of papers, important receipts
  • some cash, pictures, college graduation picture

OK. So I wanna see what’s inside your wallet. dorkzter, reyn, kingdaddyrich, I’m tagging you again. :P


arjay said...

pano nagagawa yun? yung i-align yung photo sa texts? gaya nung sa unang pic? di kasi umuubra sa akin. hehehe

Ely said...

hi arjay, sometimes it works, kung minsan hindi. hehe. basta pag upload mo ng pictures, left alignment or right depende sa gusto mo, tas type ka na lang sa tabi niya. Kung minsan nawawala ung text,kung san san napupunta, depende ata sa layout ng blog...

arjay said...

ganun lang pala yun. hahaha. i-lilink na kita. salamat sa tulong!