Saturday, November 17, 2007

Perfectly faked

Question: Aside from spending our taxes, what else could our traditional politicians do?

Answer: Insult Mother Nature.

Baguio City is known for its cool weather and for sure it’s not called City of Pines for nothing. The number of pine trees has drastically decreased for the past few years though, due to various reasons we are all aware of.

Anyway, in the mid-90’s, the mayor of Baguio City came up with a “brilliant” idea to promote the importance of preserving trees and protecting them. And so, up at the middle of session road, he "planted" this pine tree:

For two years, I was deceived by this pine tree’s perfect shape. Fooled, I didn’t know that this million-worth tree is made of concrete and plastic. How clever. To complete the outrageous insult, the mayor had these words engraved beside it:

And notice the letter "V" at the left - that he claims to stand for "vision".
All his projects has letter V on them. By the way, his last name starts with a V.

I think someone should tell the mayor the difference of building from planting. And how many real trees could you plant with 1 million?


arjay said...

haha mga TraPo talaga, hindi nauubusan ng gimik kahit kelan. though i had to admit that he has "perfectly faked" those trees. nice one. hehehe.

iRonnie said...

so mayor plans of constructing more fake trees? tell him na iba pa rin ang orig. :D

Kritiko said...

haha, we need plastic trees, sna ung namumunga na rin. i like this post.

dorkzter said...

what a fraudulent act! well at least he promotes something "good".

Ely said...

arjay, ur right, ganda ng pagkakagawa.

ronnie, actually dapat matagal na nademolish yan, ewan ko bat nakatayo pa rin.

kritiko, unfortunately, ndi siya namumunga. :P

dorkzter, its the thought that counts ba? hehe. pero sayang ung ginastos ah...

kingdaddyrich said...

may mga balita dati na nasisira na raw ang baguio at nawawala na ang dating ganda nito. like boracay na nasasamantala ang kalikasan..

Ely said...

you're right kingdaddyrich...everything is now paved.

footiam said...

Everyone is fooled once a while but he who fools others is the greatest fool, Ely! By the way, I have tagged you for a meme at Beautiful World!

reyna elena said...


I linked you on my entry with regards to Mines View Park. I'm back in the states now, but I'm sorely disappointed at our Mines View experience.

You're right about that tree. I saw that, actually, where have all the pines trees on Session Road gone?

I felt like I was in a totally different place. I did liked Camp John Hay and the PMA. They still looked the same. Other than that, downtown and the rest of the park have deteriorated.

pusa said...

hay naku ely, ano nga pd natin gawin jan sa mga langyang politiko na yan! :(

nun 1st time ko nga punta jan hinanap ko agad un sankaterbang pine trees na nakita ko sa pics ng mga pinsan ko taken during the 80s, pero i was disappointed onti lang nakita ko na pine trees

Ely said...

hi footiam, thanks for the tag!

reyna, salamat po sa link. nawala na nga mga pine trees, puro yero na at semento ang makikita sa mga bundok dun. too bad!

pusa, you are right, if you want to see the trees, sa may Camp John Hay na lang may natitira pa..

Ang Lolo Niyo said...

Nakakalungkot naman talaga. Kakainis mga politician na pine-personalize ang mga lugar na sakop nila. Grrr.