• On Prenster and birthday greetings

    I was busy Friendsterring the other day checking who's been viewing me lately.

    And I found this profile with a very familiar picture.

    Someone's using my banner at Friendster!

    I'm gonna be changing my banner soon...

    Happy Birthday Tine.
    Happy Birthday May Anne.


    The Others

    New place, new routine, new something...

    I want it to be totally dark when I sleep so before going to bed, I always make sure all lights are off except for the one at the garage near the gate. I do this everyday since I decided to stay here last week. See, I am renting a room in a new 3-storey building, and I’m alone.

    There are only two bedrooms here. The master's bedroom and the one I'm renting, both in the second floor. The living room, kitchen and dining area are all in the first floor. The third floor is just an open room, with a T&B in one corner.The building has a rooftop. Out of curiosity, I went there once 2 days before I moved just to check the view. I didn’t see anything except for G.I sheet roofs and the gigantic EDSA billboards nearby.

    The stairway leading to the rooftop is quite dark but since it gets some light from the open door of the third floor, I didn’t bother checking for any lights. The gate that opens to the rooftop is made of cast iron which creates this loud, burglar-alarming noise when you open or close it.

    Early Friday morning, I was at the rooftop again to hang my clothes outside to dry. Following my weird sleeping time, I slept after at about 11AM and got awakened around 2 in the afternoon.

    It’s raining.

    I ran upstairs to check my clothes. I didn’t turn any lights on. I was surprised to see a dim light coming from the stairs leading to the rooftop. I never really noticed before that there’s a light bulb installed at that part. Now it’s on, like as if it knows I need it to be on right that afternoon. But who turned it on?

    At that moment I was more concerned with my clothes, already dripping wet before I could get to them. I hung them on a covered area and proceeded back to my room and tried to continue with my sleep. I didn’t turn that light off, actually I don't even know where the switch is. I woke up at 6PM; I went upstairs again to get my clothes. The light is already off.

    Not to scare myself, I came up with the following theories:

    1. The light has a sensor. Like it turns on and shuts off automatically.

    2. Someone visited the house, the owner, the caretaker, electrician, plumber, carpenter, or maybe an intruder who broke in while I was asleep and for some reason needed the light to be on.

    3. Who turned it off? The one who visited the house came back and turned it off, sometime between 3 to 6PM, again, while I was asleep.

    4. The light has malfunctioned. It's one of those inexpensive light bulbs which casts yellow/orange light. There must be something wrong with the connection, the circuit, whatever they call it, and it turns itself on and off. And no, unless I've got someone with me, I won't dare check it.

    I was thinking of taking a photo of the stairs and the light bulb, but I'm afraid something there might take it as a photo opp and scares me more. LOL

    Dead as a doornail

    I just moved.


    Here’s how messy my room was the other day, until now actually.

    Don't have enough time to arrange my things. Maybe I'm just too lazy. Well, I'm staying here temporarily anyway, I'd be moving to another place again next June. Good Luck saken…

    That day, I was in a hurry. I needed to take my dirty clothes to the laundry shop before it closes, the attendant told me they’ll be closing early. I will also be meeting my friends for an early dinner so I took a bath and because its summer and it’s hot, I drag my fan, near me just so I won’t get sweaty while fixing myself in front of the mirror ( I hate the after-bath sweating).

    Then I heard a noise, from the electric fan. And it stopped. In seconds I wondered what happened. Until I realized that my middle finger is getting really really painful. I panicked I checked for blood (blood scares me!). None. But my nail started getting dark red. Look.

    And imagine how strong my finger was.
    Just check the bent blades…that’s of an industrial fan:

    Hindi na masyado masakit. Pero andun pa rin yung namuong dugo. Pano ba maalis yun?

    My friend's a poet

    My friend Joy made a poem two weeks ago... for me. I was teary eyed while reading it; I had to take a 5 minute (illegal) break, went to the restroom and locked myself inside. I never received a poem written for me before, and knowing that I found a sincere friendship…that’s priceless. And I tend to get emotional with that.

    Unexpected Friend

    Thank you for being nice
    A sweet smile in your face
    An eye that sparkles
    Would make my day bright

    The first time I saw you
    Was never interested to know you
    Knowing you is unexpected
    Being close I didn’t think of

    As time goes by
    I came to know you deep inside
    Such a great person
    Many will admire

    People may not understand you at times
    But don’t bother for they don’t know the real you
    Keep on walking with head up high
    For you are a true person like diamond that is treasured

    Surprised aren’t you with this poem I made
    A gift for you that forever you’ll cherish
    It’s not gold nor silver
    Not diamond nor pearl

    It’s just showing how lucky I am
    To have a special friend like you
    That can be trusted
    And can be proud of

    Always remember God is with you
    And forever I’m here anytime you can lean on
    Problems or secrets you can count on
    A shoulder for you an ear to listed

    Thank you is a word
    From my heart I would say
    Thank you ELY for the friendship
    You’re my unexpected and one special friend

    We don't find true friends too often. The sincerity, acceptance, being appreciated, that's what I treasure the most.

    The gallery

    We were at the Manila Ocean Park last Saturday. It was our first stop before heading to a hot spring resort in Laguna. The Ocean Park was ok, although far from what I’ve expected. I thought the Php400 entrance fee was not worth it. LOL

    The resort in Laguna was even more disappointing, I won’t even bother mentioning its name, in fact not a single picture was taken while we're inside. I don’t understand why they call it a hot spring resort when in fact it is not, and its DOT accredited, well, speaking of poor standards.

    Anyway, we left early the next Sunday and visited Rc’s place in Paranaque. It was not part of the plan. We were amazed by their home art gallery, as art lovers we got the best part of our trip here.

    The place is called Kulay-Diwa.

    It was divided in to three parts, the white, orange and black room.

    I liked the orange room the most, but the lighting in the black room was perfect for picture taking without flash.

    With Joy and Mae.

    Medyo bitin. I asked Rc if we could go back, i wasn't able to take a picture of the "old furniture". Joy, who has a third eye said there's something in it. She didn't see it that day and so we're planning to check it out next time. I'd be posting a ghost story...


    By the way, I started watching the first few episode of Prison Break. I'm hooked. Definitely way way past my expectations.

    It's my father's day...

    Baka daw magtampo tatay ko...

    3 days after my mom, I'm wishing my father a happy happy birthday...

    Yan sigurado may tagay na. Wala nga lang ako dun. hehe

    Friendship Chain

    Got this tag from Undecided21.

    ~~Begin Copy~~

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    (for bloggers paste on the “compose” not the “edit html” part in posting blogs so it will be linked automatically).
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    3. Tag your friends as much as you can, the more the better!

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  • Cheers!!!

    To the most special woman in my life


    She, who never left me and loves me unconditionally.

    My mom...

    Wishing her more and more birthdays to come.


    Late update.

    Tired from the Manila-Batangas trip last Saturday, got no time to update my blog. The trip was so exhausting, for some reasons we ended up traveling for seven hours from Manila to Batangas. Naligaw ata driver namin. Going back to Manila, it took us only 3 hours. Must be the Saturday traffic, the driver not familiar with the place (dalawang bus, parehong naligaw), or may be we're just out of luck. Upon arriving, we learned that our room has been occupied by another group, we had no choice but to switch rooms. I got so pissed off that after dinner, I decided to stay away from the crowd and sleep the whole night.

    Inaantok na. I was so ready to go to bed.

    The resort, named Taramindu (because of the tamarind trees dotting around the place), is quite small for us 90+ people who attended. The food was not good, the area at the entrance to the resort stinks, lights and air conditioning went off at about 4am, a water shortage (kaya nga daw may dagat, dun na maligo!). Overall, everything was not worth the grueling seven hour bus ride. LOL

    Ayun po mga sampalok sa likod.

    I actually think everybody had fun that night except me. That wasn't just my idea of having fun. The next day, I was glad I din't join them drinking. They would have seen the devil Ely.

    The story: One guy got extremely jealous of me because of being so close to this girl whom he claims to be his girlfriend, the real score -that i don't know. She happens to be a close friend. Just friends, never romantic. I only learned the next day that I was taking a shower when he came to our room mad, angry and looking for me. Sinugod pala niya ako na hindi ko alam.

    He then went back to his group.
    Nagwala, umiyak, nagkalat...siya dun. LOL.

    He should feel lucky I was in the shower, no idea of what was going on outside, or else, the worst could have happened.

    Back in the office, I've been passing near his station all day today. He's stationed near the door so he has to bear seeing me every time I take a break.
    Di siya makatingin ng diretso. Poor kid.

    Anyway, i'll be in Laguna this Saturday with three of my officemates. Hope the hot springs there would soothe me.


    Ramiele Malubay

    Eight hours before American Idol is aired in our local chanels, someone texted me the spoiler: "Ramiele just left the show."

    I was hoping that the news wasn't true. I absolutely wasn't feeling good about it. I watched the replay of the contestant's performance night and Ramiele may not be the best but definitely not the weakest. I tried to sleep after that and planned not to watch the elimination episode at 6pm.

    I got awakend by my noisy neighbors at 6:30pm. I turned the TV on and when I saw Ramiele seated in one of the stools with Kristy, I knew the news I got earlier that day was true.

    I turned the TV off, only to find myself turning it on again 20 minutes later. It's confirmed, Ramiele is going home...

    She was never in the bottom three before so, her, getting the cut came as a surprise to me. I believe she deserve to have stayed longer.

    Well, I'd remember April 1, 2008 as the day when Filipinos in the United States stayed away from their phones.


    Tine and I

    My friend, Tine just arrived from Hong Kong three weeks ago. She texted me only after a week later and I got surprised that she wanted to meet me in my place. We are very good friends, we meet whenever we get the chance, but never in my place. Being the “best friend” that I am, I sensed a trouble right away. Unfortunately my place is one hell of a mess (I’m moving), so I suggested we should meet outside instead.

    We met at Trinoma.

    As an icebreaker, we walked around, checking the mall and laughing at the funny, cheap looking ornaments on the ceiling, noticed how dull they painted the seemingly unplanned interiors and those dirty, unevenly laid floor tiles. We were like venting out on those things, so everything has become a bit lighter later.

    We went up to what we thought was the best part, at the little Baguio (that's how she called it) on the rooftop and got amused by these young couples doing the PDA.

    The scene reminded us of Burnham Park in Baguio , minus the jackets covering them lovers. She thought I should take pictures (stolen shots) and post them in my blog. I did (naughty me), with her giggling behind.

    It was a funny start to a kinda emotional talk later. Nevertheless, we both know every thing's gonna be ok in the end. We'll meet again soon (hopefully outside the Philippines!!!) and laugh our hearts out about how silly we've both been when comes to falling in love...

    I'll be in a resort in Batangas this weekend. I'm joining my officemates for our annual team building. Hope to have some fun despite having a Sunday night shift. Cheers!