Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

Finally posting the tag from Honney. I've done this before, but the tag only required 5 facts. I'm adding 5 more here to complete this one.

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and also to read your blog. I am tagging anyone who's interested.

And here's my next 5 random facts/habits:

6. I am a certified nature lover; green environment calms me. I love trees. I hate illegal loggers. If I am a president I would propose total log ban, and I'd order all corrupt politicians to cut their heads instead.

7. I am a frustrated painter. It occurred to me that I don't have the patient needed. I get too excited that I couldn't wait for days, weeks, or years to finish a masterpiece, and so I fell in love with:

8. -photography, I could get what I want in just a few clicks. I hope to make a career out of it some day.

9. I wasn't able to attend the Sony Expo yesterday. My friends were too busy, I can't go there alone. Ang layo naman kasi.

10. And all I want for Christmas?

Love? No. I'm not looking for it. Probably I will never know, until I found you. (kanta ba yun?)

World peace? No. That's impossible, it will never happen.

Vacation? No. Vacation for me is having fun without having to worry about going back to work after.

A DSLR? Not really.

What I want for Christmas?!?!

Ba't ba ang hirap mong abutin? Klan ka mapapasaakin?


Abou said...

ha ha laptop.

yan ata ang most wanted gift this xmas he he

sana mapasa iyo na. santa wer r u ha ha

Abaniko said...

That's apretty laptop eh. If I were Santa, I'd grant you that plus a cool high-end DSLR. :)

Merry Christmas!

Ely said...

Abou, sana nga! Ipagdadasal ko, ehhehe.

Abaniko, Merry Christmas santa! Kaw si Santa di ba? :P

Ambo said...

Naku binebenta ko laptop ko 4 months old pa lang! Nagbenta hahaha. Ako e sana lang matuloy ang bakasyon ko sa Cebu this coming holiday season. Merry Christmas BRother!

the donG said...

hahaha... dami ng murang laptop ngayon. kahit nga mga second hand ok na rin. dapat marunong ka lang talagang tumingin.

Ely said...

Ambo, ano ung laptop mo? Sana saken na lang binenta. hehehe

the Dong, honge eh. ung ka-office sinasabihan ako na desktop na lang. mas practical.

Ely said...

Ambo, ini-nvite din ako sa Cebu. all expenses paid. LOL. pero wala talaga sa utak ko magtravel, wala ako gana sa ngayon. Gusto ko LAPTOP!!!

Reyn said...

When you asked me which brand is good, well you made the right decision. Haha...OK daw yang Acer.

david said...

That was also on my last year's wish list and here's what I did: I SWIPED MY CREDIT CARD FOR A NEW MAC! Hehehe!

12 months to pay, 0% interest. :D Ngayon matatapos ko na siyang bayaran and now I'm aiming for a DSLR.

Ganon nalang gawin mo...

Honney said...

Hay naku! I'm sure sa laki ng 13th month pay na nakuha mo e kaya mong bumili ng laptop na yan kahit sampu! Hehehe.

Bakit nga pala di ka na dumadaan sa blog ko? Hindi ka na talaga ma-reach...hmp!!!

Ely said...

Reyn, nagagandahan kasi ako sa Acer eh, saka un lang afford ko. hehe

David, Parang takot an ako sa swipe-swipe na yan. Ndi pa ako nakakabayad sa huling swipe ko. hehe. Pero malamang, un din gagawin ko.

Honney, bumibisita kaya ako! Wala naman napuntahan yung 13th month ko. waaaaaaah!