• Congratulations Manny!

    Although, for some reasons I would have preferred to see the Mexicans celebrating, Manny Paquiao made us proud once again. It's not a surprise anymore, we all expected it.

    I did not watch the much awaited game. I just waited for friends to text me the results. I could get a copy of the pirated DVD version tommorow, and watch it without having to endure seing SMB's, energy drinks, and pain relievers.

    Of course ABS-CBN did their job of blasting the spoiler. That's 5 minutes before millions of Filipino non-pay-per-view viewers could even get to see Karylle singing the national anthem.

    The last time I was glued on my seat watching the whole Paquiao match was in 2005. It was fantastic, but the mood was spoiled by some of Manny's cheerers who I wished should have been banned there. I don't wanna see these people behind Manny on TV again:

    -A drug lord, womanizer. One of the greatest villains in the history of Philippine politics who tries so hard to be seen on TV, to fit on the TV screen during Manny's pre and post fight interviews from Las Vegas.

    -A fat, graft and corruption first king with his protruding belly. Well, that's all our money goes.

    -And for God's sake, I don't wanna hear the voice of a tiny but terribly corrupt woman again; who would make a phone call to congratulate Manny live on national (and international) TV, for all the world to hear. How third world is that?

    What's the best thing to do while Manny is inside the ring?


    No (literally) rubbing elbows with Sunday shoppers!

    Although all seats in his cinemas are fully reserved,
    Henry Sy is not liking this view.

    How often do we get to see EDSA like this?

    It's like a phenomenon comparable to the Haley's comet. It only happens once every century.

    Bayani Fernando should know who's the answer to our traffic problems.

    Anyway, CONGRATS Manny! Sana lang hindi ka na tatakbo sa eleksiyon!



    1. reyna elena said...

      hahahaha! i love what you did hahaha

    2. Ely said...

      reyna elena, wala lang magawa. LOL

    3. Ambo said...

      Nag-gala! haha. Ayos sa ending ng post, Anyway, CONGRATS Manny! Sana lang hindi ka na tatakbo sa eleksiyon! lols

    4. The Scud said...

      wala ngang traffic. i took a cab from pasig to paranaque and travel was a breeze. sana araw-araw na lang may laban si pacman. hehe.

    5. the donG said...

      hahaha... kami din nasa mall kahapon pero nakahanap pa rin ng paraan para makapanood.

      congratulations manny!

      ang astig ng byahe.

    6. Ely said...

      Ambo, kasi baka manalo siya this time. wahahaha. por dios por santo, delikado!

      The Scud, sinabi mo. nagsilabasan na lang mga tao bandang hapon. Sakto pauwi na ako.

      the Dong, nanood kayo sa sinehan? Sana ndi sa Trinoma yan, kung nagkataon, sumigaw ka din ng REFUND!!! hehehe

    7. aajao said...

      pareho tayo ng pagbati kay manny--- sana hyuwag na syang mangarap pasukin ang pulitika. sayang ang pinundar nyang reputasyon para sa katauhan niya.

    8. JoShMaRie said...

      hello ely! thank you so much for the comment :) im happy to see you in my blog. :)

      -CONGRATS KAY MANNY! oo nga huwag sana siyang tumakbo... jusko...maawa naman sa sambayanang pilipino...

      morning sayo ely! :)

    9. Ely said...

      aajao, honga. mayaman na siya. magconcentrate na lang siya sa boksing at sabong. hehe

      JoShMaRie, salamat din. i am glad to see you back here too! cheers!

    10. Reyn said...

      It's the urge of the people around Manny. Ganun naman lagi dito eh. Mas powerful pa yung mga taong hindi natin kilala at nakikita sa camera o naririnig sa mga radyo at balita.

    11. Ambo said...

      Ang sabi naman peacemaker daw sia kasi every laban nya zero crime rate tayo! Kaya dapat laging me laban si Pacman para matahimik ang bayan natin hahahaha.

    12. ced said...

      damn! the day i wanted to go and do my christmas shopping! akala ko madaming tao sa malls kaya di na ko tumuloy. hahaha

      congrats ely!

      manny pla! hehehe

    13. Abaniko said...

      Here's hoping he'd also give more to charities with his prize money. :)

    14. KRIS JASPER said...

      Im surprised he wasnt asked to do a Christmas album.

    15. Richard said...

      haha! same here. di ko rin pinanood. naghintay lang ako sa result. let me name: Singson, FG Arroyo and PGMA. Wala lang.. lalo silang yumaman at nakisali sa victory ni pacman. lol.


    16. markg said...

      ...PACQUIAO VS MARGARITO this november.. who's ur bet? Ill go for manny!

    17. Ely said...

      MARGARITO for the win! I'm tired seeing Manny always winning.

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