Monday, February 18, 2008

Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena

Sayang, I should have sent an entry. LOL. Anyway, here's my Number 1 pick for Reyna Elena's Social Climbing Logo Contest:

It's not my original choice, but I just thought it's the "complete package", so there you go, 5-stars from me!

This was my first choice. Paris Hilton as a social climbing icon is catchy! The colors used are kinda dull though, not fitted for the Reyna.

This one is so Imeldic!

Hmmm. I see United Nations.



Friday, February 15, 2008

AI Addiction

The Hollywood final elimination round was tedious.

All contestants looked so tensed.

Watching them on TV, I was feeling nervous (for them) too.

I can’t get enough of American Idol!

I was sleepless but I slept late again yesterday to catch the replay. Although the top 24 list has been leaked online weeks ago, I pretended I didn’t know who made it and convinced myself the list was a hoax!

At least it’s confirmed, Ramiele Malubay is in and she's performing live on the AI stage next week. I have this feeling that all Filipinos (err, maybe not all) in the United States are already prepared to vote, so looks like our manok is assured of a Top 3 slot.

Based from her performance during the illumination rounds, I think she’s better than Jasmine Trias. She has that x-factor, great vocals... But she’s facing a really, really tough competition. We'll see…

Anyway, I definitely have no plans to watch the show’s NEW Philippine version. :P

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sleeping position

My great grandma always asks me to change position when sleeping. She would wake me up while I'm on the middle of my dreams just to tell me to sleep on my back.

I always sleep on my stomach, face down with my cheeks against the pillows, hands on my chest.

My great grandma always warned me not to sleep like that. It’s like "pressing your chest against the bed" she said, and she had this theory about not being able to breathe freely. She died of old age, but she lived not long enough to know that the sleeping position she wanted me to avoid is actually helping me to “breathe freely” as opposed to when lying on my back. I don’t know how the medical people call it, but I often run out of breath when I sleep face up. It’s scary; like bangungot without the dream. You wake up trying really hard to catch your breathe. Funny thing is, when it happens, you are so conscious and you know very well that if you can't take in oxygen in the next few seconds, your dead! LOL


Trivia: Do you know that Valentines day is actually singles awareness month?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

5 Stars

I just got a 5-stars. Honney just tag me with yet another blog award. Thanks pow!

I’ve received two (forwarded) text messages yesterday with the same content:

"I am CA R. Diaz ng ISAFP, please help me publish sa lahat ng tao pupunta sa nabanggit kong lugar, tomorrow Philippine time, 11 AM: Plan A – LRT Baclaran Terminal, Plan B – Tutuban Mall, Plan C – Uniwide Quiapo, Plan D – SM Manila, Plan E – Robinsons Malate. Paki-advise naman sa mga mamamayan ng Manila wag sila pupunta muna sa mga lugar na yan kasi sa Intelligence Report namin, pasasabugin yan bukas para maligaw ang isyu sa Senado tungkol kay Lozada. Thanks."

When I opened my Outlook at the office today, saw the same message blasted in our inbox. Hmmm…well, got no plans of going out on the weekends anyway. Hope this isn’t for real.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moving in

After 10 months of renting a room alone here in Manila, I’ve finally decided to share an apartment with a friend. It would be my first time to have a housemate in 4 years.

And I thought I have to be ready for these:

>Cleaning up my own mess (and my housemate’s too!).
>Expect some week-old dishes on the sink (not mine!).
>May not be able to sleep with all lights in the entire place off.
>Share my food, won’t eat without saying “kain!”
>Can’t walk around naked anymore.

Well, I’d be expecting a cut off my monthly bills anyway. I hope I would be able to save something from now on.

And yes, this day last year, I was at home back in province, packing my belongings and getting ready to catch a bus, Manila bound. uh, that's one year... gone so fast. :P