Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ladies room?!

Last night’s Earth Hour was a success. I thought I participated in a way. I was still asleep during the entire hour (8pm -9pm) so the lights were definitely off. Congratulations to all earthlings out there who joined!

With no air-conditioning, I could hardly sleep. Hmmm, global warming..! I have no choice but to get out of my bed and run to the malls. That has become a daily practice.

Yesterday, I got tired walking around so I decided to watch a movie instead. I must have been really in a hurry that when I entered, I forgot to check the signs. I saw a guy standing near the restroom door, so I thought that was the men’s room; I opened the door (widely open) and heard some shrieks from the ladies inside. Jeez, wrong door! That guy, now laughing, happened to be just waiting for his girl.

It reminded me of a similar experience occurred about a year ago. I just got out of the office and ready to go home. I needed to take a leak, so I headed to the restroom right after logging off. To my surprise, there leaning towards the sink, brushing her teeth was a lady in pink and high heels. I didn’t know how I’d react. I believe I opened the right door. Uh, shame on her doing her thing in the men’s room! I was about to step back when in a husky voice, he shouted, “Tama!, Tamahh!” I thought I’d just leave, but I proceeded to one of the urinals anyway, I was trying not to laugh I could hardly pee.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Viral Link: Infectious

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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Kiss and Tell

    It’s always great to confide on someone whom you trust about things that you often keep to yourself. Knowing that they're listening -that always makes me feel better. Sometimes it’s all I actually need, someone who will listen. I am often the listener; I am not much of a talker so when I talk I make sure I get the attention.

    I felt so at ease with one of my officemates that during an outing, I started sharing to her what has been bothering me lately. She’s older than me, she gave me good advice and there she got my trust.

    After a few days she started telling me things (gossips!). Not about me, but about the others whose secrets she’s been told too. Although I had fun, err guilty pleasure listening, I had this awkward feeling knowing the fact that she might have been sharing them my stories also. I freaked out, ano na nga ulit mga kinuwento ko sa kanya?!? Waaah! luckily I did not really tell her anything very confidential.

    I don’t know if she’s telling me all those things because she trusts me that I won’t tell anyone about it (knowing my silent-type, aloof personality), or if it’s just her “nature”. It would be alright if that’s the reason. I’ll keep her as a friend but I definitely will refrain from telling her any of my stories again.

    She and her friends invited me to go to Oceanarium second week of April, maganda daw dun? Saw some pictures from some bloggers and mukhang ok nga. We’ll be off to a Laguna hot spring resort after that. I hope they won’t get bored with me, because I’ll be keeping my mouth shut. It’s safer that way. LOL


    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Pag nagigipit na...

    Todo na to!

    Honney, my certified blogger officemate has been making me envious of her $$$ earnings. Too lazy to write, I have been ignoring some opp’s recently. Pano kasi kung hindi mortgage, casino. Good lord, ano naman kaya alam ko sa casino. LOL. Kung hindi ko pa napanood si James Bond hindi ko malalaman kung ano ginagawa sa loob ng casino.

    Pero bigla ako ulit nagka-interes kumuha ng mai-popost. Reason: kailangan ko ng pera!!! Ayun di bale ng $6 for 200 words basta meron, wala ng arte-arte, grab ko na. San ba naman ako makakapulot ng $6 in 10 minutes di ba? Saka, sinisingit ko lang naman magsulat habang nakikipagtalo sa customer na gustong ibalik ang camera kasi sawa na daw siya gamitin. Waaaah!

    Kanina lang nagsusulat ako about insurance, tas biglang tumawag ang disturbong customer na to:

    Me: (on mute: Paker, tawag ng tawag!) sabay ngiti… “Thank you for calling…”
    Customer: Yes, my camera is broke, blah blah blah! blah! blah!
    Me: I apologize to hear that… (Empathy, empathy and more empathy)
    Customer: I want my money back! Blah! blah! blah!
    Me: Owryt! Did you buy insurance for this?
    Customer: No! What insurance?
    Me: Oh! I’m sorry; I mean we only have 1-year warranty…

    Hindi kasi ako nakikinig sa mga pinagsisigaw niya, hehehe. Siyempre, busy ako mag-compose ng post about dun sa insurance kasi malapit na ang deadline, kailangan ihabol!

    Well… I’ll be on leave next week. Which means nasa probinsiya ako where www is yet to be discovered. Bad timing, kung kailan ako ginanahan magsulat. Anyway, I hope madaming opps na nag-aantay saken next week. For sure, punuhin ko na ang blog ko kahit na puro casino.


    Friday, March 14, 2008

    Why I love going to work

    I was thinking about how to motivate myself lately. It’s just so hard to wake up everyday and go to work, when the rest of world is about to sleep. I’ve been doing the same thing for a year now and so I thought I should write down some good things that my job is doing for me.

    Check my list below.

    1. Having no AC in my room, going to work would allow me to stay in a fully air-conditioned environment for 9 hours.

    2. I get to see my buddies at work, some I already considered friends. Now, that’s social climbing skills put to good use. LOL

    3. I could surf the internet for hours…free of charge.

    4. Chatting. Thanks for YM Beta. So I don’t need to install YM in my computer, that way I won’t get caught playing while at work. The downside: all my YM contacts are already sleeping except for my sister who’s bugging me for some news from home.

    5. The freedom to blog. Our IT people have disabled our Friendster access (although we could use a proxy to get through), same is true with Multiply and U-tube. Thanks God Blogger is still accessible! I could blog and update my posts while helping a 70 year old grandma calling from the other side of the planet to locate “My Computer” in her pc.

    6. Having the opportunity to enhance (or I mean pratice) my English. The customers are my guinea pigs. I’d experiment with my twang, ahhhh, until I nose bleed.

    7. Taking a nap when I get tired blog hopping while waiting for a call to come in.

    8. Getting paid every 15 days by doing all the things I mentioned above. Isn’t that motivating enough?


    (Uhm, need to go back to work now)

    Monday, March 3, 2008

    Vantage Point

    If you like flash backs, you’ll love this movie. I saw it yesterday and I thought the plot (which kinda reminded me of the Pinoy movie, Jologs) was great for a very simple story. It didn’t surpass my expectations, but I liked it.

    Walang kokontra.