Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's vote Earth

Thinking that it would somehow scare away burglars, I always leave the light on in my room every time I go to work. It's on for over 10 hours a day, 5 times a week. I don't turn it on while at home though, because I love total darkness when I'm asleep. In fact I have covered all my windows to avoid sun light from getting in, in my attempt to mimic the dark night during my sleeping time.

Today, I'm gonna be adding one hour to my usual lights off routine.

Hope everybody will do the same. Let's vote Earth. Let's all support Earth Hour 2009.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Sniffing marijuana the legal way.

It's legal to sniff marijuana in public. Since when?

Ask the PNP and PDEA.

It was my second day in the province. Sarap gumising. Cool, fresh air. May kinailangan akong gawin sa plaza namin so with some tools at hand, I asked my nephew who just woke up to come with me. Usually, walang tao dun so I was quite surprised to have seen this:

It was 7 in the morning. May darating daw na bisita ang mga pulis, kaya pala may mga tao. Pagkatapos ng ginagawa ko, naki-usisa ako. May iniipon na damo.


I got excited. First time ko kasi makakita ng marijuana.

Of course, I know, they'll do public burning of weeds again. Hindi ako interesado makinig sa forum nila, bumalik na lang ako nung sinusunog na ang damo.

They've done this many times before. In fact, too many times that people can start calling us the marijuana burning capital of the north. That pisses me off. It's not really giving us the supposed to be good image at all. Proud kami nung una, pero kung halos taon-taon yan ginagawa, kahina-hinala na ata?

If PDEA and the PNP are really serious with their anti-drug campaign, dapat hindi na laging may ganito di ba? Sino ang mga nagtatanim nyan at bakit ndi sila ang huliin? Bakit mga pananim lang ang nahuhuli?

It is so reality TV. May magtatanim, alam kung klan aanihin, may konting susunugin. Envited ang media, may camera at picture picture. Bukas may masasabitan ng medalya. It's just a show. Scripted na, at may interview portion pa.

This was the topic between me and my father that day. See? He's a retired police officer. He's been there, and I am proud to say that he's one of the few who have been true to their service. I'm aware that during his time he surrendered every single leaf of marijuana that they got from their operations. He never made money out of it, nor used it to get promoted. Kasi kung ganun, mayaman na sana kami. Amf!

Although I know that he know the things that's going on behind all these, he believes despite everything that the PNP and PDEA are doing this for a good cause, that integrity is there, something that I totally am not agreeing with.

Anyway, here's how a public marijuana smoking looks like.

Enough to keep me high for days.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back

Since I graduated from college, I never get a chance to stay at home for longer than 5 days anymore. I have been away, living alone, so a 10 day vacation is quite an experience. Although busy with some personal commitments, I enjoyed being back at the comforts of home again.

I just got back here yesterday, and I am starting to miss home very terribly. No wonder, I fell in love with Daughtry’s Home and Nickelback’s Photograph very much.

So homesick.

Let me start my blogging again with some photos.

Hulaan muna kung ano yan. Details on my next posts.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sun Broadband, BayanDSL or PLDT?

I do not have a permanent internet connection yet. I've got a SmarBro which is slower than dial up. I'm aware that Globe is just as slow. An agent from Sun came over last week for a free demo in my place, and the result was negative. He advised me to wait anytime this month baka magkakaroon na daw signal sa amin since they're expanding. It's kinda frustrating kasi EDSA lang pagitan namin sa SM North where the connection is very fast. Pagtawid mo sa kabila, wala na.

I was so ready to get BayanDSL instead, until I've read THIS.

Now I'm confused. Which internet provider should I choose? Swerte-swertehan lang ata to?

Update (09/30/2009):

Eventually, I've subscribed to BayanDSL. Good customer service is really a plus. It's been 6 months and I've been getting good connection so far (just a few intermittent connection issues). I worked as a technical support for a US DSL provider before and problems really occur sometimes, and definitely unavoidable. Everyone should expect for this as our technology is never perfect. Consider yourself lucky if you will never encounter any issues with your internet connection.

On the other hand, a friend from Bulacan has been a happy SmartBro subscriber for years now. I've tried SmartBro here in Quezon city and it was slower than dial up. Warning to those who want to get these wireless internet services, everything will depend on your location. A kilometer distance makes a difference.

Example: Sun broadband connection at SM North EDSA shows a very impressive connection speed. When I moved about 500 meters away from the mall, the connection went down to no higher than 5 kbps (yes, that's comparable to a dial-up). This is also true in the provinces.

Sun broadband provides free demo, so I'd suggest that you try it first before making a decision. I'm not sure if Globe is offering a free demo too.

May these tips help.

Good luck!