Monday, December 29, 2008

Year End Post II

I should stop whining.

2008 may not have been as fruitful as I envisioned it to be, but there are things that I should be very thankful of.

1. Friends. I am not a very friendly person, but I thank God for surrounding me with the right people. Friends who understand and accept my often unfavorable behavior. And despite the fact that the only thing I could give back is loyalty. Once a friend, in my heart, it will forever remain that way.

2. My job. Probably not something that I really enjoy doing but I feel proud that I am not contributing to the high unemployment rate of the Philippines. With the crisis in the world economy going on, I should be thankful.

3. Family. I'd drop everything for my family. No questions asked.

4. Fellow bloggers. You get me entertertained, excited, inspired. The virtual support coming from you is highly appreciated. I've only met two so far. Not really into EB's but I would gladly honor an invitation. Basta free ako. hehe

A blessed 2009 to everyone. Happy New Year!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shark: endangered species. Who cares?

Mini Stop introduced me to eating fried shark's fin. I was never really convinced they're from real shark fins, it tastes just like their fried pork siomai. Must be made out of flour or something.

I was watching CNN's Planet in Peril the other day. Ironically they're featuring shark hunting somewhere in Costa Rica. There's this shark infested area where hundreds of sharks are killed everyday. Their cameras followed some WildAid advocates in their attempt to fight save the sharks.

Who cares? They should kill them all. They're dangerous, feared, and definitely one of the living things I hate the most.

Until Lisa Ling started explaining:

"There is however, a creature far more predacious than the shark: Humans.

Sharks existed before there were dinosaurs and they pre-date humans by millions of years. Yet, in a relatively short period of time, humans and their technological arsenal have driven most shark populations to the verge of extinction.

This is bad news for the world's oceans. Sharks are the top predator in the ocean and are vital to its ecosystem. The rapid reduction of sharks is disrupting the ocean's equilibrium."

These are ecosystems that have evolved over millions and millions of years. As soon as you start to take out an important part of it, it's like a brick wall, you take out bricks eventually it's going to collapse."

Shark finning is famous because of, yes, the fins. They're often transported all the way to Asia, and made into a very expensive shark fin soup, and perhaps into this fried shark fin we get from Mini Stop.

True to my being an Al Gore follower, I will never buy and eat shark fins again.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tuning in to GMA7. I've never done that in the past four years.

Last week, I heard about the controversy surrounding the two giant networks' coverage on Marky Cielo's death. Of course I wanted to hear the mom's side about ABS-CBN taking close up footage of her son. So I watched the news from GMA for the first time.

I am a Kapamilya, but I think ABS-CBN, or the camera man, or their staff/reporter, made a huge mistake of not respecting the mother's request. It's not about who's getting the most coverage now, it's all about respect.

I believe ABS-CBN should apologize.

One more thing, almost all people, especially media men kept on mentioning that Marky is from Bauko, Benguet.

Bauko is not a part of Benguet. It is a town in Mountain Province. And it is MOUNTAIN province, not MOUNT province which this one GMA7 reporter said, not once, not twice, but gazillion times (or perhaps he just pronounced it with an unheard, very silent "t"?). Benguet is not a part of Mountain Province either. Benguet is another separate province, where Baguio is located.

I just love geography.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Congratulations Manny!

Although, for some reasons I would have preferred to see the Mexicans celebrating, Manny Paquiao made us proud once again. It's not a surprise anymore, we all expected it.

I did not watch the much awaited game. I just waited for friends to text me the results. I could get a copy of the pirated DVD version tommorow, and watch it without having to endure seing SMB's, energy drinks, and pain relievers.

Of course ABS-CBN did their job of blasting the spoiler. That's 5 minutes before millions of Filipino non-pay-per-view viewers could even get to see Karylle singing the national anthem.

The last time I was glued on my seat watching the whole Paquiao match was in 2005. It was fantastic, but the mood was spoiled by some of Manny's cheerers who I wished should have been banned there. I don't wanna see these people behind Manny on TV again:

-A drug lord, womanizer. One of the greatest villains in the history of Philippine politics who tries so hard to be seen on TV, to fit on the TV screen during Manny's pre and post fight interviews from Las Vegas.

-A fat, graft and corruption first king with his protruding belly. Well, that's all our money goes.

-And for God's sake, I don't wanna hear the voice of a tiny but terribly corrupt woman again; who would make a phone call to congratulate Manny live on national (and international) TV, for all the world to hear. How third world is that?

What's the best thing to do while Manny is inside the ring?


No (literally) rubbing elbows with Sunday shoppers!

Although all seats in his cinemas are fully reserved,
Henry Sy is not liking this view.

How often do we get to see EDSA like this?

It's like a phenomenon comparable to the Haley's comet. It only happens once every century.

Bayani Fernando should know who's the answer to our traffic problems.

Anyway, CONGRATS Manny! Sana lang hindi ka na tatakbo sa eleksiyon!


All I want for Christmas is...

Finally posting the tag from Honney. I've done this before, but the tag only required 5 facts. I'm adding 5 more here to complete this one.

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and also to read your blog. I am tagging anyone who's interested.

And here's my next 5 random facts/habits:

6. I am a certified nature lover; green environment calms me. I love trees. I hate illegal loggers. If I am a president I would propose total log ban, and I'd order all corrupt politicians to cut their heads instead.

7. I am a frustrated painter. It occurred to me that I don't have the patient needed. I get too excited that I couldn't wait for days, weeks, or years to finish a masterpiece, and so I fell in love with:

8. -photography, I could get what I want in just a few clicks. I hope to make a career out of it some day.

9. I wasn't able to attend the Sony Expo yesterday. My friends were too busy, I can't go there alone. Ang layo naman kasi.

10. And all I want for Christmas?

Love? No. I'm not looking for it. Probably I will never know, until I found you. (kanta ba yun?)

World peace? No. That's impossible, it will never happen.

Vacation? No. Vacation for me is having fun without having to worry about going back to work after.

A DSLR? Not really.

What I want for Christmas?!?!

Ba't ba ang hirap mong abutin? Klan ka mapapasaakin?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Missing tag and a VIP pass

I'm suppose to do the tag from Honney now. Unfortunately I cannot open her site again. (Honney, down na naman yung site mo, palit ka na ng host. hehehe). I'll try it again tommorow, I could probably access it at the office.

I just received a text from an officemate, 13th month pay has just been credited. Yey!

And the best news I received today?

My entry just got me this VIP pass for the Sony expo, that's tommorow.

I'll be there with some friends. I am extremely shy, so if we happen to run into each other, you know what to do. hehehe.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am staring at this new post page which has remained open for hours. I was able to key in letters, words, composed sentences, and paragraphs. They end up disappearing in no time.

That's what happens when you're out of ideas. No specific topic to talk about, nothing. If I were using a typewriter, I would have already made mother nature so unhappy with the piles of papers I've wasted. I wonder why backspace is not made possible with typewriters? I'm thinking white ink. Isnopik.

And so I took one of our cameras, aimed a macro shot at this ever wonderful, oh so helpful button. I think it deserve some recognition.

Hail to the backspace!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Party at White Ave.

I'm so upset that Multiply is not working today.
So, brace yourself for a

PHOTO ALBUM...................................!

I'm not really into partying, but, three words: I had fun!

Back to work now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I don't really know what Thanksgiving is. I'm just aware that it's a very important US holiday; like Christmas in the Philippines.

Anyway, I've been getting a lot of thanksgiving greetings from our customers since last week:

I feel so "helpful". hehehe

May isa, humirit pa:
I wasn't sure if I gave a humorous response; the customer didn't answer. I assume he was already busy since we're able to resolve his issue. If you were me, how would you have answered that?

Anyway, a US holiday is our holiday at the office too. We'll be in White Ave partying, tomorrow night.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Motherless Generation?

Six years ago, my sister left the country to work abroad. That's first for our family, thus the adjustment was a little hard at first. Her then three year old daughter was so angry when she later on found out that her mom "left her". The first phone calls were tough; she didn't want to get near the phone.

After years of waiting, my sister finally gained a Canadian citizenship and brought her family with her. I think it would be better for my niece, being a girl, to grow up with her mom.

I was browsing a copy of Time magazine at National Bookstore yesterday, when i stumbled on this:

It's an article about the increasing number of women, or Filipino mothers who are working as OCW's, leaving their kids behind.

“Children with homes to call their own are also struggling. According to a new UNICEF study, Filipino teenagers with one or both parents abroad, though they do better in school and have more allowance money, said they felt they were worse off — particularly when it came to their future — than peers with both parents living at home. Past studies have also shown that children with mothers abroad report feeling less happy than those with fathers abroad. "One parent can a do good job, but that doesn't happen a lot," says Dr. Esperanza A. Icasas-Cabral, the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. "The social cost is great." But no government data exists for tracking the social progress of migrants' children, and that, social workers say, is a problem when millions of kids are thought to be at high risk for early pregnancy, incest, drug abuse and depression. Manila police, for instance, say that children with parents overseas are more exposed to violent crime, particularly rape and physical assault. "There are no parents watching," says Manila Police Officer Dolores Villegas.”

This reminds me of a friend whose parents are working abroad too. He was basically parentless for years, but never tried drugs nor has gotten into serious trouble. He has a sister, and they both finished college, without having to deal with issues like these. Although it is tough growing up without his parents around, he believes that their absence does not justify such actions.

I never really experienced growing without a mother beside me, so I guess I have no right to either agree or disagree. I believe though that the presence of a parent is very important especially at the stage of puberty. We need their advice; things that make us feel loved. But do you think, family values can only be acquired at home, with a parent?

Monday, November 17, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

Walkman. It was the in-thing back in the early 90's. I was still in elementary then, and coming from a financially challenged family, I knew owning one is a luxury. It was one of those things that I perceived will remain stuck on my wish list, forever.

I remember having lunch on our dining table one day, when my aunt who just arrived from abroad came to our house and managed to sneaked in, right there behind me without me noticing. She put something in my ears. It left me wondering for a moment, until I heard a music playing. It's a walkman earpiece. I felt excited but that quickly faded thinking that the walkman wasn't for me, I began to pay attention to her arrival instead. I haven't seen her for years, and I missed her.

Of course, that walkman was her gift, a pasalubong, which I will never forget. I learned later on that it's a Sony walkman. I wasn't really aware about brands that time, but I knew my walkman has a name. Besides, it was bought abroad. I took care of it like a priceless possession, not letting anyone get their hands on it.

Years later, digital cameras started to gain popularity. In love with photography, I thought I have to get a compact camera as a start. It's gonna be my first digital camera, and I was anxious about buying something that's not my money's worth. After quite a long time of window shopping, and some paydays of saving, I finally decided to get a Sony.

During a trip in Baguio last summer, with my friend Joy

Self portrait

I didn't expect much from the camera. All I wanted is to take pictures without using films. It turned out that my Sony DSC-W70 is just amazing. It inspired me to create a blog because I want to show off the photos I took with it. This camera takes great pictures, the macro feature is unbelievable, some people actually thought I was using a DSLR.

Some of my favorite shots

Later on I got a job as a technical support representative for a competing brand. The difference is very noticeable; not even the best camera the company I am working for has to offer is at par with the quality of my Sony. I feel bad for our customers when they call us about a lot of complaints with their cameras. I often wish I could advise them to get a Sony camera instead.

Anyway, I am lucky to have discovered Sony at an early age. My Sony walkman as a kid definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series; something that I look forward to having too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

prob class: How to; sub class: blog

This is me, creating a post after weeks of blog silence.

I barely had time to visit blogs, that’s why. I thought it would be unfair to keep on posting entries, answering your comments, but without even visiting your blogs.

That’s why it irks me when people ask me to add them here and there, links here, links there. I mean, I only follow bloggers who follow me. And yes, I read them. Some people are just so desperate to see you in their “follow me” links, without even reading your blog. Common, don’t ask me why I’m not adding you. That makes it so obvious that you’re not reading my blog.

So if you happen to have finally, and miraculously decided to not just "drop" or "visit", but read my entry, here's what you should do before you start nagging again, please learn the BASICS. If you want traffic and gazillions of links, and visitors from all around the world, I strongly suggest that you READ THIS.

And yes, you should learn to do it rightly, so you should CLICK HERE TOO.

And if in case you’re still wondering why I am so annoyed, read this TO KNOW WHY.

And I know you’re desperate for comments too, so check this for some tips, and yes, click here for more.

I really hope all these would help. And I'm not asking you to read my entries, just click on those links, read them, and remember everything by heart. After that, blogging would surely be running smoothly with you around, again.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cool off

It's been 10 days. So far the longest time that we didn't see each other.

I've been busy. I am sorry to say that I couldn't find time for you these days. That's unfair, I know. And you know I've always been like that. Blame me.

I wanted to leave. I wanted to just forget you. But it hurts thinking about the bond we had. I've shared you my stories. You listened. You made way for me to discover things that were all new to me, and you opened doors for friendship, gave me an opportunity to learn about other people's lives, thoughts, ideas.

I wanted to leave. But how could I? You've always been there for me, listening to my complaints, my heartaches, my pains. You've done so much that it would be a very inappropriate gesture to walk away just like that.

So, I will be gone, for just a short while, days, probably weeks. I know you will wait. I know when I come back, you will still be there, waiting, ready for what I am going to say.

-an open letter to my blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tagged by aajao.

The rule: You have to enumerate 5 factoids about you that people may not know of. These could either be personal stuff, embarrasing moments in your life, weird habits, a funny pet name and so on and so forth.

Awryt, here we go:

1. I have acrophobia; fear of heights. I could hardly look down a window from about 10 floors (and higher) above the ground.

2. I love eating. I eat anything with cheese. I love fatty foods, fastfoods, anything that could make me fat. I love it when I'm gaining weight. I don't wanna get sick because it makes me look 10 lbs thinner after. It would take me months to gain that 10lbs back and yeah, eating 5-6 times a day is a lot of hard work, not to mention, expensive!

3. Ain't got a driver's license. I don't know how to drive. And no, I don't care about owning a car. I'm probably the last person on earth who would make car a priority in my wish list.

4. There's this small scar on my chin, caused by me, doing a balancing act on a water pipe when I was 11.

5. A birthmark on my right thigh. Hardly noticeable, just a little darker than my skin color, no wonder, no one (who had access) ever really noticed it.

I'm passing this tag to: anyone who loves starting a conversation with the letter "i".


Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr. Webster's letter

I love watching war movies. In Saving Private Ryan in particular, the war scenes were too bloody, but what I find really amusing were the dying soldiers crying, and shouting "mommy!!!"

The Pacific War Memorial Museum was the second to the last stop of the Corregidor tour. We were only given 30 minutes here. While everybody was busy looking at the century old guns and ammunition on display, the letters below caught my attention.

They're from an American soldier named Webster. A very short letter but may have meant a lot. I managed to take a macro shot before we left. This is the first one, dated 10-15-44. Double click to enlarge.

And the second letter; written about three months after. Notice that "father" was omitted on the greeting. The hand writing kinda changed too, but the content; almost the same.

Initially, I was just amused by the greeting "Dear Mother". But the content reminds me of how one wishes to be home, especially during difficult situations.

Sadly, as revealed by the articles below, Webster, including hundreds of other soldiers, never made it home...

Webster's photos; below and third from left in the upper photo.

Seeing the war photos around the museum, then reading these letters, left me speechless for a moment. For the first time, I remembered my grandfather, whom I never get to know, and who happens to be a WW2 veteran also.

Monday, October 6, 2008


What I knew about Corregidor before the trip:

1. It's located in Manila, later on I realized I was referring to Intramuros.

2. It's not an island. I thought I could go there by bus.

3. People resides in the area. I thought I could hire a tricycle to go around.

4. I wasn't really aware how historical it was.

See, I must have missed a lot of my SIBIKA back in elementary. I remember names like McArthur, Eisenhower, but not much details about Corregidor. Shame.

The trip, by boat, was about an hour and a half from Manila. We arrived in the island at about 9:30AM and got in to one of these buses:

We moved around the island accompanied by a tour guide. I was amazed. Definitely more historical than I thought.
Dioni, Joy, Von, Mae, Me

There were lots of beautiful places, but I was specifically attracted with the ruins. Joy has a third eye and while reviewing the photos I took later, she saw entities, err, ghost. I've tried checking the photos myself, but couldn't really see anything except for some figures in the last two photos below. If you have a third eye, you may be able to see it clearly too.

We had 5 cameras that day. But all the photos with those things on them are from my camera. Weird?

Double click to enlarge:

They're called ghost orbs. A theory which, upon checking the internet, I think only few people believe and skeptics definitely reject. But I guess, the clarity of the ghosts in the images depends on the level of your sixth sense. Check them photos for yourself.

Advance Happy Halloween!!!

Next: a soldier's letter to his mom; heartwarming...